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Bad Celebrity Boob Jobs - How Did They Let It Happen?

Bad Celebrity Boob Jobs - How Did They Let It Happen?

The pressure to achieve the perfect body is great in Hollywood. This pressure is even more intense for female celebrities. The pressure to be perfect often drives female celebrities to get breast implants. Celebrity breast implants may seem like the norm, but for some their celebrity breast implant story was a nightmare. The following are the worst celebrity boob jobs. Tori Spelling Tori Spelling is funny, pretty and despite the fact she grew up in Hollywood, she seems like the girl next door. Unfortunately for Tori Spelling, money can't buy you a guarantee that your breast implants will be perfect. Not only are Tori's boobs lumpy and dented, but she also has a strange concave dent in her chest made more noticeable by her large breast implants. Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice, definitely makes the list of the worst celebrity breast implants. Victoria Beckham's breasts look like two giant, perfectly round grapefruits sitting atop her chest. Her bad boob job may not be as noticeable if she wasn't so thin, but her extremely slender figure makes her breast implants look even more fake than they would if she has some weight on her. Janet Jackson Janet Jackson may not rival her brother when ites to plastic surgery procedures, but she does make the list of bad celebrity breast implants. Janet should have probably kept her cleavage to herself during that infamous Superbowl half time act. Janet Jackson's breast implants are uneven in size and they are also dented. Tara Reid Tara Reid is often the first name you relate when you think of bad celebrity breast implants. This can largely be attributed to Reid herself because Tara has been very outspoken about her bad celebrity breast implants. Tara Reid got breast implants to correct the sagging and unevenness of her natural breasts. Tara ended up with breasts that were bumpy, uneven, and too large. Tara has since had her breast implants removed.
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