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What I Did For My Husband

What I did for my Husband

By lynn - Mar 27, 2008 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 33773 They say if you love someone very much you will do anything for them. Well I proved my love last month, but in circumstances you would not believe. My husband Chris got into fight with the wrong sort of men.
But due to a friend who was able to seek a way out for us. We made an appointment to see Mr Jenkins, and his two “friends. They collected us and took us to a small house, In the middle of country. Alarm bells should have been going off straight away but we were too scared to say anything. Once inside we were shown into a large room. And behind the desk, was Jenkins. He was drinking bottle a beer, He told us that we were in deep in the shit. And he gave us two options.
First one was to put us both into hospital, because of the disrespect we had shown him, or the second, I was to do what ever he asked. I Looked at Chris and he said nothing, I knew he would not ask me, to do what Jenkins asked. So I volunteered, and said I, he could what ever he wants do to me. Chris shouted no but I looked hard at him and said it’s the only way. The two minders grab Chris’s arms and tied them to the chair. And gagged him so he couldn’t shout. Ok Lyn come into the centre of the room, stand on to that box he said. I walked too the centre and stood on the box. Right lift you dress up. The two minders moved in front of me. I lifted my dress to my knees. He just gave me a blank look. Higher to my thigh tops, then up to my chest. To reveal my knickers. Then Jenkins walked over to me. He walked around and bent down in front of me. Looking between my legs. I looked over at the minders who have smirks on there faces. Jenkins walked around my back I felt a tug at the back of my knickers. I turn around to see what is happening and then he then yanks my knickers halfway down my legs. I dropped my dress. Lyn lyn lyn you are not playing the game here. Please lift your dress, I want to look at you. Slowly I lift up my dress, he walks around, now he is in front of me. He bends down to take a closer look and my pussy.
Ok Lyn now strip. Take off all your cloths. I look at Chris but he is looking down at the floor. So I remove my dress and unclip my bra. I hold the bra to my chest covering my breasts. Well he says lets see them. So I pull away my bra, to let them look at my breasts.
I stand there naked except for my knickers which have fallen to my knees. Jenkins and the minders move behind his desk..
Ok Lyn please go and sit on that chair. I looked at Chris and I see tears in his eyes. I climb down and kick my knickers off. I sit down onto the chair as I’ve been told. I want you to put a leg over each arm of the chair, He says. So I cast a leg obscenely over each chair leg. Jenkins turns to his minders and says what do you think not a bad looking cunt is it. Shall we see if Lyn has got to bottle to do what I ask? They both agree. Ok Lyn open up lets look inside. What I ask. Use your fingers and pull your lips apart for us to look inside. Jenkins and his friends walk over and stand in front of me. I slowly use my fingers and pull my lips open. All the way Lyn I want to see your clit. So I stretch my lips open to shown them my clit. Now put a finger up. What, I ask. I want you to put a finger up your hole. Tenderly I insert a finger into my pussy. All the way in Lyn, you know what to do, I want you to finger yourself in front of me and my friends. he says so I start to masturbate. In front of my husband and three strangers. Play with your breast at the same time Lyn. So I rub my breast and I pull my nipple. There I am openly fingering myself for the pleasure, of these three men. He now passes me the bottle of beer he has been drinking. You know where that goes he says with a smirk. I slowly pushes it up myself, for them to look at. Use it then Jenkins shouts. So I start to masturbate with the bottle. next, Jenkins tells me to take out the bottle and to lick the bottle, which I do. He now moves in front of me. Are you watching Chris, he then pushes a finger in me I move back. He starts to finger me I just sit there. Come on Lyn show me you are enjoying this, Jenkins says, come on move your body I want you to come while your husband watches me with a finger up his wife. So I move up and down on his hand while, Chris is forced to watch.
Jenkins looks at his minders and says fuck her. One grabs my arms and pulls me up and then pushes me to the floor, he undoes his zip and pulls out his cock. I know what I must do so I take hold of his cock and put it into my mouth and start to suck. I go on to all fours and the other guy comes behind me and pushes his cock up me they are split roosting me in front of my husband. The guy who is behind me has a big cock and he is pumping me hard.
He spreads my ass cheeks apart before unloading his hot spunk over me.
Now they swap positions and the fat guy slips his penis up me. The man who has just cum crawls around to my face and pushes his cum filled cock into my month. And I swallow what’s left. He tells me to lick his cock, which I do. I can feel the guy behind me strain as he unloads his cum into my pussy. I look at my husband as he stares at me. Now the to bouncers stand up.
Jenkins says to me good girl. I start to stand and he asks where do I think I’m going? I finished I said, not yet he replies. Jenkins turns to one of the bouncers and tells him get the rest in here. I look at Chris, while the bouncer moves to the door and opens it.
Seven or eight men slowly walk into the room. I try to pull my cloths over me to cover my naked body, Jenkins looks at me and tells me to stop. He turns to me and says, these men have no home there are from the street. They owe me money, and I was going to hurt them today, but because of the lack of respect your husband has shown me. I’ve changed my mind. You have to give them all a blow job, and to swallow all their spunk. First to get them turned on, lie on your back and face them. I slowly do what I’ve been told to do. Open your legs and show them your pussy. Good now spread your lips. I open up my lips for them to look at. Now finger yourself to show them how turned on you are. I start to finger myself put another finger in do it properly he says. I close my eyes as I masturbate myself in front of these tramps. He turns to the group of men, and tells them to pull their trousers down and their pants. All of them has an erect penis. A couple of them start to wank themselves. I bet they cant believe their luck. I am just so ashamed. Good get on your hand and knees and start at one end and work your way to the other. I want to see them cum in your month before you swallow do you understand. Yes I replied. I move to the end and I take the cock into my month, and I just what this to finish as quickly as possible, so I wank, and I lick and suck onto his cock. Quite quickly I can feel him cumming and I pull out his cock and I wank him into my open month, so Jenkins can see that he has cum. Now I start on the next one, the same again. After this guy has cum in my month, Jenkins says this will take to long, he turns to the men and says give her a good fucking, the men grab me, my legs are pushed open as one of them lies on top of me.
He starts to fuck me, a cock is pushed into my month, and cums straight away. The guy who was fucking me has shot his load. Another jumps on top and carries on. Until all the men have unloaded inside me.
As I stand up sperm drips from my swollen pussy. Jenkins turns to me ok your now finished go home the both of you. I get dressed and we leave.

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