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Two Sisters-sex

Two Sisters

By Louise - Nov 11, 2006 3560 My name is Louise and I am forty, my husband died of cancer four years ago, my sister is Beth, who is ten months older than me, and her husband was killed in a car crash nearly three years ago. We are both presentable, not bad looking and have retained our decent figures. I got a big insurance payout after my Ted died and Beth a lot of compensation when Peter lost his life. Beth and I had always been very close right from when we were very young. She was the flighty one, she had a succession of lovers during her marriage, unknown to Peter, but I was also very sexual. I had a number of lovers before I was married, including one who gave me, undoubtedly, the best sex I had ever enjoyed. However, I was never unfaithful to my husband. I think that there was no doubt that we both missed sex a lot or what happened would never have occurred.
We had put our money together and bought a shop, it was in a very small country town and as we specialised in high quality toys and games. We quickly gained a reputation as a good place to visit, even by people from quite a distance away. Obviously we had a lot of reps and salesmen visiting us, some of them I will admit stirred us somewhat! After we had been in business for a couple of years we had a man call on us who we both agreed afterwards was a real temptation. I have to say that he was a real ladies man but didn't come on to us at ll initially. We developed a good friendly relationship with him to the extent that he was one of the few that we always invited into the back room for a coffee. One day I was in the back room, it was the room behind the shop itself, with Dave, as he was called. Beth was serving, and the subject got round to the fact that both Beth and I had been married.
"Don't you miss anything after all this time?" Dave asked, "After all you must have been used to well... enjoying your husband's... um.. company?" There was just that little sort of edge to his voice that gave me the impression immediately that he was thinking of sex.
I said, "Well, of course, you can't love a man and enjoy the sort of intimacy that develops without missing it afterwards."
"And you've never done anything about it?" Dave asked.
"Never seem to have had the time, " I replied.
"Well, I don't think I could have gone without all that time, " he said.
"I know, " I replied, "it has been hard, I wouldn't deny it." I thought of all the times I had masturbated thinking of my husband and more frequently of the man who had given me the best sex I'd ever had.
Dave hesitated, "You still have needs, " he said eventually and then went on, "and so do I. I'd be happy to solve the problem for both of us."
He was good looking, gave every appearance of being fit and was so obviously a ladies man, I fancied him, I said, "That's very good of you, Dave, but there's always Beth too, she probably misses the intimate side more than I do!"
"Well, as to that, you're both very attractive, mature, women.... just the type I like, I don't quite know how to say this, " he hesitated again, "but I am extremely virile and I've always had great stamina, I could probably cope with both of you!" I was about to speak when he held up his hand, "No, it's alright, no need to make a decision straight away, talk it over with Beth when I've gone, I'm in this area again next week I'll pop in and we can discuss it over coffee."
Well, he left and left me wondering how we had got into such a discussion in the first place, but there was no denying that when he had suggested getting together, to my amazement, I had felt my body responding. When Beth came into the back room after serving her customer I told her of the conversation I'd had with Dave.
"Well I'm blowed, " she laughed, "I was only thinking in the shop what an attractive man he was! I don't know about you Louise, but I wouldn't mind fucking him!" My sister was always the one to use industrial language so I was quite used to it.
"Well, honestly Beth, I wouldn't either! Do you remember when we were girls, before we started with boys I mean, how we used to talk about sex and play with ourselves and each other wondering what having sex would be like?" Beth laughed. I went on, "Well, I have to be honest Beth, I still masturbate, but I'd much rather have sex with a man!"
"So do I!" she replied, "Wank, I mean, what else is there when there's no man to have a fuck with. I'll tell you Louise, I'm up for it if you are, I'm getting wet just thinking about it!"
Well, I was up for it too and couldn't wait until Dave visited again. As it happened I was serving a customer in the shop when he came in late the following Friday and I directed him straight through to the back room. My customer kept me a long time, which wasn't unusual for us in our business, and just as she was exiting the shop Beth came through. I knew immediately that she'd had sex, "Go on, " she said, "your turn! I'm fucked and it was great!"
We had both put the minimum of clothing on that day in anticipation that something might happen and all I had on was a pair of knickers and a light summer dress, it was very warm at the time. Dave greeted me with a kiss and a hug, "You decided it was yes then?"
"Oh yes, " I replied, responding to his kiss with one of my own. I could feel his body against mine and he obviously was not hard. "Are you alright to go again?" I asked, "Beth told me that you've done her!"
"Of course! Actually you'll get the benefit because I last a lot longer the second time!" He kissed me again and put his hand on my breast, I was already becoming aroused and my nipple erected immediately, "Nice!" he murmured. We kissed more passionately and I felt a certain hardness making itself felt against my stomach. He unbuttoned the top of my dress and slipped his hand in to caress me gently. Oh, it was nice! He seemed to know exactly what pressure and movement to use and soon both breasts were being kissed and he began sucking my nipples. I put my hand down and felt his penis, now fully erect, the first I had felt one for over four years, my husband not being capable for some time before he died. My body responded, I felt like a young girl again, knowing I was becoming damp with anticipation. I had lost my virginity to an older cousin at the age of fifteen and my feelings now were just the same as they had been then. Dave was breathing hard, "Come on love, let's get your things off." My dress buttoned down to the waist and he undid the rest of the buttons and then pulled it off over my head. He stood back and his eyes roamed my body, "Lovely!" he said, "Those white knickers show off that beautiful mound so wonderfully!" We were kissing again and I undid his trousers and pushed them down with his boxer shorts, his penis sprang out and I wrapped my fingers round the shaft. I looked down and saw that it was quite thick and I guessed about seven inches long. Dave caressed my fanny through my knickers and I asked him to take them off, "I don't want them all messy!" I told him. He hooked them down and I took them off and opened my legs so that he could feel me. It felt wonderful, someone else's hand feeling my eager fanny after years of yearning.
Soon his fingers slipped on the love-juice that seeped out of me and my lips parted. He felt inside then pushed a finger up inside me and began doing me with it. He was so gentle with it and as I kissed him and played with his lovely prick he worked me up, teasing my clitoris until I begged him to do me. "Come on then, darling, lie on the table!"
I lay on the table and watched as he stood between my open legs, then he put them over his shoulders and pushed his prick between my open lips. He said, "I don't think you're like your sister, I think you like it gentle and lasting as long as possible..... and that's what you'll get!"
He eased his prick into me, I felt the entrance to my love canal stretching to accommodate him, then he slid right up inside until I felt his balls against my bottom. he leaned forward and kissed me, "Alright?" he asked.
"Oh, yes, it feels wonderful Dave." He smiled and started to move, he pulled the length of his prick right out to the last eighth of an inch of the knob before easing it back in again. He did that several times before settling into a lovely gentle rhythm of fucking me. My mind swam, images of sex filled my thoughts, pictures of fannies, pricks and fucking accompanied the thrills that surged through me, my fanny getting wetter and wetter. The juice went everywhere, all over the insides of my thighs and round my bottom as he took his time fucking and thrilling me, until I forgot who was fucking me, it was just some nameless extremely sexual cock pleasuring me. The thrills gradually became stronger and stronger, before we started I didn't think I'd come as I so rarely ever had. But I wanted to and without conscious thought I slipped my hand down over my stomach and began to masturbate at the same time. I came then, the huge thrill rocking me and causing Dave to come too. He groaned and rammed his prick into me, ejaculating as he withdrew. A fierce spurt spurred me on and was followed by at least three more, gradually diminishing in ferocity and quantity. Nevertheless I could feel myself filled with Dave's semen and his prick became a sloppy fit as he still continued thrusting.
Then he finally stopped, gasping for breath, "Christ!" he gasped, "What a wonderful fuck! What an incredible cunt! You're made for fucking Louise!"
I felt I was too, I felt that I wanted to be fucked all over again, but I heaved myself up to kiss Dave and I thanked him for the wonderful pleasure he'd given me. His prick was still inside me, but softening rapidly and I felt the mixed semen and love-juice oozing out round it. It felt so sexual to me, in fact I could remember having felt so basically sexual before. Dave's prick slipped out and I slid off the table to put my arms round him and kiss him. We kissed several times, I looked back to the table, there was a pool of our mixed fluids on it where I had been lying.
"It was for me too, " he replied, "you're a wonderful fuck Louise, I can't imagine how on earth you've gone so long without it!"
"I can't either, now!" I told him, "Come on to the bathroom and I'll clean you up." Which I did, he told me that Beth had just pulled her knickers on and then her dress before relieving me in the shop for my turn. I wasn't surprised, as a matter of fact I felt like doing the same, but I really was extremely messy so I did a quick clean-up job and we went back to the room and dressed. Already I could feel my fanny oozing, but so what? The feeling merely made me more sexy!
We went into the shop, Beth said, "You two weren't half going it, I came in and watched and you never knew I was there! Still it's nice seeing you getting so much pleasure Lou!" She kissed me and then kissed Dave, then he had to leave, telling us that he'd call the next Wednesday afternoon, which was half-day for us. He did come back that Wednesday as he said he would and the three of us had sex together on my big double bed, the first time I had ever done anything of the sort and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it also aroused me to see my sister having sex too. I have enjoyed the sex ever since, as I am sure Beth has, Dave calls nearly every Wednesday afternoon and is still doing so. It's great having sex with no responsibilty, how I could ever go without it again I cannot imagine.

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