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By Anonymous - Mar 23, 2006 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 15072 Travelling on the long journey home from work at around the same time each day, he would often find himself on the same train as her, although given that they both boarded and alighted at different stops, they had never actually had the opportunity to sit next to one another so as to be able to strike up a conversation. However, often when he thought that she wasn’t looking he would glance across before looking away as she turned to look towards him, in the corner of his eye he could see that she too was checking him out.
Often in thinking about her, would make his aroused penis throb so hard that he could feel the wetness of its pre-cum pressed against his leg. He would regularly have to resort to suppressing his erection as he approached his stop, so as to save the embarrassment as he stood up to leave his seat. After all, he didn’t want her to think that he was sex mad, not to mention the shame of having to walk down the central isle of a crowded train in order to get to the door, with a full pounding hard-on. He wondered whether she too felt wet when thinking of him, or maybe she didn’t even think anything of him, he just didn’t know, but desperately wanted to find out.
Although he was not especially good looking himself, she was really rather plain in appearance, not unattractive as such, but there was nothing really about her which stood out from the crowd, nothing that to most men would captivate their attention, not when there were so many other better looking women around. However he was not ‘most men’, and her somewhat awkward unapproachable demeanour only further served to fuel his lust for her. After all, he too was somewhat unorthodox and not the most sociable of people, and besides it had been some years, since his late teens in fact, that he had last had any physical contact at all with a woman, and although he felt apprehensive and insecure in himself, this was offset by his long suffering sexual frustration. If he was ever to feel the pleasure of the intimate company of a woman once more, then he was adamant that she would be that woman. He could see that she would likely be patient and not overly critical towards his much out-of-practise lovemaking abilities.
She too was in her mid twenties, of average height and build, pale in complexion, her dark brown straight hair hung greasily and lifeless from her head to her shoulders, while her eyes were dark and vacant. Her face was fairly thin, as was her expressionless mouth, and her slightly pointed nose bore a pair of unfashionable spectacles. All of this was capped off with a dull dress sense, wearing what can only be described as clothes that even a women more than twice her age would shun, typically long brown skirts and thick woollen pullovers or tweed cardigans covered what seemed to be a fairly shapeless figure. Indeed, if ever the term ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ could be levelled at any woman, then she was the epitome of this. However, he had always been most varied in his likes of women – tall/short, large/slight, busty/flat, blond/dark, cauasian/coloured, hairy/hairless, young/mature, shy/outgoing…he simply loved women, and after all this time he certainly was not going to become picky now. He simply had to have her.
And so for months they continued to secretly observe one another, before finally one day, by chance the only vacant seat as he got on the train was hers. Now he though, “finally this is my chance, it’s now or never”, and he plucked up the courage walking towards where she was sat. As he approached, she turned to gaze through the window pretending not to have noticed him, he asked whether she minded if he sat next to her, without turning to face him she mumbled, “whatever”, not sure what to make of this he sat down anyway. He felt dejected, all this time he had been fooling himself into thinking that she shared even a small part of the desire that he felt for her, when after all that it had just been in his head, she obviously wasn’t at all interested. All those nights spent laying in bed, with him stroking his penis imagining himself inside of her, had been hopeless pipedreams.
Then, all of a sudden through his trousers he felt a hand clenched around his crotch engulfing his unerect cock and balls. He looked down, and across to see that it was her hand, he slowly turned to her, and to his amazement she was still looking out of the windows as though oblivious to him. Although she didn’t move her hand, the pressure of her squeezing together with the thought of what she was doing made him begin to become aroused, with his penis desperately trying to break away from her hold in order to stand fully upright. Sensing this, all of a sudden she stood up and asked if she could pass to get to the toilet. He stood so that she could get out of the seat, expecting her to leave him in a state of anticipation as she brushed against his hard- on. However, she turned and gripped his now fully erect penis and led him cock-in-hand down the isle towards the bathroom. He was fully aware that although most people were oblivious to what was going on, a few people observed that she was handling him, and this made him slightly uneasy. After all, although he used to like sex outdoors, and was a bit kinky in his preferences, he didn’t particularly seek an audience to witness any dirty doings.
Anyway, she led him into the toilet at the rear of the compartment and closed the door, then she sat him on the toilet and straddled his lap. “Hi, my name’s Jessica” she said… ”and I’ve noticed you noticing me!” He couldn’t believe it, he was right, she had been interested in him all this time after all. “I’ll be straight with you” she said… “I’m 25, as you can see - a bit of a geek, I’m still a virgin. I’ve always been shy, always withdrawn when around men, although occasionally a few guys have taken interest in me, I’ve always told them I wasn’t interested, even though part of me, like my wet pussy, has wanted to do something with them. However, I see something different in you, you too appear slightly awkward, particularly around girls, although I’ve noticed the way you undress me with your eyes when you think I’m not looking, and now I just can’t hold it off any longer! I want to do it, I want you to take my cherry right here, right now!” She then undid his flies, reached into his trousers, and popped out his balls and penis. Seeing a small glistening of pre-cum leaking from the slit on its end, she ran her finger across it, then placed the finger first in her mouth, then in his. “Mmm, that’s nice, sort of sweet” she exclaimed “I’d love you to make some more for me with your big hard thick cock!”.
At this point she climbed off from his lap, dropped to the floor, and began to pleasure him orally. He couldn’t believe it, he had never been given a blowjob before, and yet here she was a ‘geek’, on her knees with her lips wrapped around the end of his dick, although he couldn’t help thinking that he should have had a bath that day, and will she be put off if his cock was a bit dirty, however he needn’t have worried, she was glad just to be getting any sort of dick at last. Although being a virgin she was at first slightly clumsy in her technique, she soon picked up on his moans of satisfaction as to what felt best, and pressed with her lips around the rim of his bulbous blood-engorged purple helmet, then gently pulling upwards before running back down to begin again, stopping only occasionally to dribble all over it, then to lick the length of the solid veined shaft and to suck on his cum filled balls while pulling at their sack. Noticing that she could make his cock even bigger, redder, thicker and harder by holding at the base, she squeezed it until it was so thick that she could barely keep her mouth open wide enough to accommodate it.
After barely a minute, sensing the start of contractions in his cock and balls, she quickly withdrew, and grasping his dick once more began to rub it violently, her jerking hand and his cock became a com complete blur due to her rapid movements. Within a few seconds, several years worth of pent up sexual tension were released, and gushes of copious amounts of warm thick creamy sperm were ejected high into the air, some of which landed in her hair and across her face, with some even clinging from her glasses. “Oh baby, that’s so sexy!” she says as she lifted the sticky trails from her face, dropping some of it into her mouth, and the rest into his…”That’s the first time I’ve seen a hard-on, let alone seen one cum, and for both of us to share your spunk, that’s such a big turn on for me. I’m sooo wet, I feel like I’ve pee’ed my panties, I just gotta get some!”
Within a few seconds she frantically stripped off both her own and his clothes, all except her underwear, and of course her specs. She stood before him half naked, he could now see that far from having a shapeless body, she had curves in all the right places, although she had small-medium breasts, her bottom and hips were quite wide, and with a slightly rounded tummy, overall she had a delicious hourglass or pear-shaped figure. He looked her up and down repeatedly, this was what he had been missing for such a long time, and now eventually it was right there in front of him. He gazed at her panty area, and just as she said, at the crotch they literally clung wet to her pussy, and through it he could clearly make out her pubes and her cameltoe. However, she first shrugged off one strap of her bra, then the other, she turned then crouched so that he could unclip it.
She turned once more to face him with her arms crossing her chest holding her loosened bra in place, before eventually removing them, as the bra fell revealing a slightly sagging but juicy pair of succulent, milky white, evidently never-before-touched B-cup bosoms, at their centre were pink bumpy areola covered in a few thick dark hairs, and brownish nipples, one of which was erect, while the other appeared to be permanently inverted. To his delight one of her boobs even bore a beauty mark. She then proceeded to tantalise him in what seemed an age, but was an absolute delight, to slowly slip her low-cut panties over her wide hips, revealing a bit more of her thick dark natural bush each time, until eventually she let it drop around her ankles, and kicked them to one side. In the nude she was even more of a luscious sight to behold, and as she moved closer to him, even before her pussy made contact with his face, he was turned on by the strong musky scent of her juices. Oh how he had missed the smell as well as the sound, sight and feeling of sex with a young woman.
She gave him a twirl so that he could admire her all over, her behind was fleshy and dimpled, with one of her sweet cheeks bearing a large freckle or mole. With her back to him, she bent over grasping her legs, and thrust her ass in his face. Obligingly he began to pleasure her orally, by licking, nibbling and sucking her bright pink fleshy blossom of a pussy and its prominently aroused clit, also running his tongue down the full length of her crevice, from the top of her ass crack down over her sweet dark puckered asshole, over her perineum, and up over her pussy to her clit, before circling then back down and around once again. Her pussy was already the wettest he had ever experienced or seen in pornos or magazines, it shone with a thick glaze of sweet syrup-like juice effectively lubricating it, with dew-like drops literally collecting on her pubes and dripping from her. With the saliva from his mouth too, his face literally slid across her pussy, like a skater on ice. As he pleasured her in this way, she rotated her hips in rhythmic motion, and began to breathe deeper, it was clear that she was really enjoying this.
Sensing that with each pass her asshole was beginning to loosen and relax, he then switched his attention to concentrate on it, running his tongue up and down it, each time stopping briefly to press his tongue against it, until eventually she let loose a small silent odourless passing of wind as her hole expanded resulting in his tongue slipping inside. After continuing to lick the surrounding area as well as within, he saw his chance, and first spat on his hand for lubrication, then inserted one of his fingers into her butthole, and at once she declared - “Oh no you don’t”… “Why not?” he asked… “it’ll be nice”, she replied - “nice for you maybe but not for me, if you do that anymore I’m gonna poop, and I don’t know about you but that certainly doesn’t do it for me honey!”, he joking replied – “well if you did you’re in the right place for it!”, however she clearly was not amused, “no all joking aside” he continued – “that’s normal to feel like you need the toilet the first few times you do it, it’s just because your ass isn’t used to having anything put into it rather than coming out of it, it’s just trying to expel my finger, you won’t actually crap yourself!”, she returned – “look, maybe in a relationship when I’ve got to fully trust someone I may consider doing something like that, but not on a first meeting, and certainly not for my first time, I want it to be special!”, and so not wanting to the force the issue and spoil the moment, he apologised and felt it best to move on to something else instead.
“I’m sorry” he said, “Mmm, that’s okay” she replied as he returned to orally pleasing her puffy pussy and bumpy clit, while the fingers of his hand griped her mound and his thumb slipped loosely in and out of her…”oooh…besides, I must admit I kinda liked it…ahhh, mmm, oh yeah…it’s naughty, which is sexy…ooohhh…it’s just that I’m not quite…aaahhh…ready for that you know, maybe some other t…aaahhh, aaaaahhhhh, aaahhhh, aahhh, argh, ooohhh, yes, yes, yes, yeah , yeah, yeah, yeh , yeh , yeh, ya, ya, ya, yeeeasss, harder, ugh, faster, uh, uh, uh, deeper, oooh…I can feel your finger in me…aaahhh, ooohhh, that’s it baby, that’s it, uh, uh , uh, oh gosh yes, oh yes baby, oh yes, yeeeasss, yeeeasss, YEEEAS, YEEEAS!!!!!“ her whole body shook violently to the spasms of her first virgin orgasm - “Waaargh, aaargh, aargh, argh, AAAAAaaahhh, yessssss, yessssss, mmmmm, mmmmm, aaahhh, mmmmmmmmmm….” As the orgasm subsided her hole body became limp, and she appeared to be in an almost trans-like state of consciousness, she collapsed sat on his lap, her arms wrapped around him, and passionately embraced him.
As her tongue probed inside his mouth, she could feel his erection return as his cock pressed against her thigh. So she grasped his dick, and began to sympathetically milk it, as she lent back and lowered his head to her bosom – “do you like my titties? Suck on them for me, squeeze them, pull on my nips, that’s it”. Her tits felt wonderful, so soft, so succulent and fresh, so tasty. As he engulfed her areola with his mouth and sucked hard, his hands grasped the cheeks of her ass, as he kneaded her meaty behind as though it was dough. After some time of this, she turned sat to face him, reached into her handbag and pulled out a condom, which she proceeded to unwrap and slide down over the full length of his erection, then holding his manhood, guided into her soaking wet pussy. As she done this, the suction produced a fart-like noise, “uuugh, what’s that!” she exclaimed, “don’t worry” her replied…”that just means you’re nice and wet, and ready for my cock do give you a real good fucking! ”. So she placed her arms around his neck, and slowly began to lower and raise herself on his pole, at first she moved just slightly, then she gradually moved up and down further so that each time it got a little deeper inside of her, as though she was almost testing it “oooh, that’s real nice, you’re so big, I can feel you inside me filling me up, stretching my pussy, oooh, yeah!”, at the same time she began to move a bit faster, then faster, and faster again, until soon she was really riding him like a cowboy in the saddle at a rodeo. As she became ever more frantic in her movements, the thin condom split, however realising this, she continued regardless, like a women possessed. As she bounced up and down, he could not resist the sight of her boobs shaking, so he frantically squeezed and sucked on them, as she held her head back in sheer contentment.
Within a few minutes he froze as he felt his cock pumping warm slippery sperm within her, “oooh that’s nice” she exclaimed, as she enjoyed the added wetness. However they didn’t stop, even though by now after orgasm his cock was real sensitive and semi-flaccid, he just wanted to keep going, he didn’t ever want to remove himself from inside her. As she continue to rock and bounce on top of him, the cum that he had recently deposited in her pussy, was squeezed out from within her, and collected at the base of his cock in a sticky mess. A few minutes later she shook violently, her whole body quivered as she too reached her climax as she shrieked her contentment, he just hoped that no one had heard them over the sound of the train. She slowly climbed off from him, and not to waste any of the cum he had produced for her, she sucked on the whole of his now small floppy dick, sucking up all his creamy soup from around the base. Then once more, she sat back on his lap com completely relaxed in his arms and embraced him, her whole body was warm and sweaty, her face was flushed, her blushing cheeks, her hair was soaking wet, the whole bathroom literally smelt of delicious sweaty sex. As she kissed him, he could taste in her mouth his own sperm, and the occasional pubic hair caught between her teeth.
She glanced down to see his short, limp, shrivelled, swollen, puffy, tired-looking knob, she could tell that it would need some coaxing if they were going to go another round. So she climbed off of him, stood up, turned around, bent over, and began to grind her ample behind against his bits, while one of her hands squeezed her breasts together, the fingers of the other rang up and down over her clitoris. All of a sudden there was a firm knock on the door – “Tickets please!” in an authoritative female voice, “just a minute” she said, as they both desperately clambered over one another and frantically tried to put on their clothes. The door knocked again “I said tickets, what’s going on in there?”. So sensing the growing impatience of the female guard, the door was unlocked, although the two were a sight to behold, neither of them had their clothes tucked in, and her hair was a com complete mess. The door opened, the guard looked shocked, it was obvious what had transpired here, a man and a woman together in a locked bathroom, both looking as though they had run a marathon, the whole room scented with the odours of lovemaking, while to cap it off, she had forgotten to put on her panties, and these lay in the corner of the room, still clearly wet at the crotch. The evidence was indeed damming, a small strand of cum even clung to Jessica’s chin unbeknown to her. At this point they both expected the worst, however to their amazement the guard locked the door behind her, smiled, walked over to the panties, picked them up, and took a long hard sniff on them, “mmm” she exclaimed…”you’re one naughty, but very juicy girl aren’t ya!”
The guard was a beautiful young women, surprisingly young in fact for a guard, she couldn’t have been more than eighteen, if that even. She was short and petite not more than 5ft, with a round pretty face, milky white complexion, big blue eyes, a warm wide and welcoming smile, a dainty little nose, and long flowing auburn hair. All of a sudden she began to undress from her uniform. The two couldn’t believe it, she looked to sweet and too innocent to be behaving as she was. At once realising where this was headed, and not wanting to be part of the action herself, after all this was her first time, and she was pretty sure that she wasn’t a lesbian or bi, Jessica picked up her panties and said her farewells. “Thanks honey for a wonderful time, we’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow, ok”, gave him a peck on the cheek, “that was lovely, you’re lovely, thanks, tomorrow then” he relied as she unlocked the door and left the room. As the guard relocked the door, she turn to him and said – “that’s a pity, could’ve fun the three of us together, ah well, looks like it’s just you and me then you filthy beast! My name’s Ellie by the way, and I think that I should warn you that I’m sex mad, and am gonna use your body for my pleasure, I’m gonna fuck your cock off and drain you of all your man juice!”. “You know” she said as she stripped down to her lingerie…”I reeeally gotta go pee, but you’re selfishly blocking the toilet”, so he got up expecting her to sit down, but she just stood there – “oops, sorry, you don’t mind do you” as her white panties were stained yellow, and a stream of piss rang down her leg…”I just couldn’t hold it in any longer, after all, if you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, plus I am in the bathroom after all”. He couldn’t believe it, to look at this seemingly young and beautiful flower of loveliness, was actually dirty and perverted, however, “yes” he thought…”this could be very interesting!” as he sat back down on the toilet.
Stood before him in her dainty bra and pee-soaked knickers, she asked of him “what do you think of my body?” and removed the last of the clothes “perky aren’t I”, and indeed she was, her body was small but perfectly formed, her A-cup breasts were modest but puffy with little pink nipples at their centre, her small hips and apple bottom were nicely rounded, her tummy button was pierced, her pubic hair grew dense and unfettered with small hairs running up to and beyond her tummy button, while her arms too when covered in lots of little hairs. “Well?” she asked…”what do you think?”, he replied - “I think I’m gonna cum straight away just looking at you, you’re amazing!”. “Thanks, you’re not bad yourself!” as she undressed him, revealing his shrunken used little sausage, “You’re tiny!” she exclaimed as she encircled it with her thumb and finger, even a few fingers of her dainty hands almost com completely obscured his flaccid cock in its current state, he replied – “I thought the important thing was not how big a dick is, but what you do with!”, “I love all cock, but I like ‘em better the longer and fatter they are, so that they really stretch me wide open!”, he replied once more – “well I have just been through a heavy sex session with another girl, and besides, I may be barely two inches at the moment, but you start turning me on, and I’ll make you a huge stiffy any man would be proud of! ”
And so, she spat on her hand for lubrication and began to violently jerk him off, at first with the same thumb and finger wrapped around it, but as it began to grow she switched to first using her whole hand, then eventually to a two-handed grip as it reached its full extent, although her small hands even when placed end-to-end still only encompassed just over half he length of his penis at any one time, her small hands made his large erection look even bigger, which turned him on even more. The blood was filling his hard-on so hard, that the veins along it stood high against the surface, and he felt as though hid dick would literally explode if the veins pumped any harder. She now exclaimed – “oooh, you are a big boy after all aren’t you, that’s more like it, you must be nearly eight inches, literally, not to mention how fat it is, your head is huge, it’s like a big juicy ripe plumb, and I’m gonna suck and fuck it, but first…”. Picking up the soaked panties she had just discarded, she wrapped it around his cock, and began to wank him with it. Even though he had already cum twice and would normally last a long time following his first orgasm, he could feel that he was already close to ejaculation. Wanting to prolong the enjoyment he desperately tried not to, but it was no good, he was already past the point of no return, and so nearly at once his cock erupted in a watery burst of semen. She removed the panties from him, which were now full of cum as well as pee, she raised it above her head, and squeezed it into her open mouth, and offered it to him indicating that he should suck the juices from it, “now isn’t that nice” she said.
As his dick shrunk back once more, she got down on all fours and began to suck firmly on it, as she done this he struggled against the soreness of his already overused manhood. Within her large mouth she was able to not only envelop his small floppy dick, but even both of his shrivelled hairy balls. Within a few minutes he began to become stiff once more, although after all that he’d been through he could no longer achieve a full erection, instead his cock stood at an angle less than ninety degrees from his body, and bent over like a banana. Even with a hard-on, Ellie was able to deepthroat his cock all the way to the base, however once she felt that it wasn’t going to get any bigger she stopped, since she now had other plans for it. Facing away from him, she practically leaped onto his lap, however, despite something of a slut, being only young and petite, she struggled to direct his cock within her tight hole, until eventually it was in, and she began to bounce up and down, as Jessica had done before her. However, within a few minutes and with him still inside of her, she climbed off his lap and slumped onto the floor on all fours, yanking his dick with her, as she continued to ride it, she began to lower her hips further and further, each time uncomfortably forcing his already sensitive erection further downwards, whilst at the same time she squeezed his balls firmly and used them to guide him inside of her. After half an hour, and several muted orgasms for her later, he was yet to reach a climax, even though in one of hers she had even actually squirted at the point of ecstasy, however she obviously couldn’t’ take this stimulation anymore, and so withdrew.
Crouching over him, she grasped what little breasts she had squeezing them together, and just about managed a half enclosed titty fuck on him, licking his tip as she went. However, after a further ten minutes of this, he was still no closer to spunking “wow” she exclaimed…“you certainly got staying power I give you that! Isn’t there anything I can do which’ll make you cum?” “Well there is one thing” her replied…“you can let me stick in inside your butt”. Although she was something of a veteran in the anal department, she felt like playing hard to get, and said half jokingly – “if you let me fuck you in the ass, then maybe I’ll consider it”. However, not expecting the response she got, unbeknown to her, this had long since been a fantasy of his, and he agreed. Initially she was taken aback and didn’t know where to begin, however she soon spat on her hands for lubrication, as he got onto the floor on all fours and pulled his hairy cheeks apart, she then dribbled saliva onto his ass, a sensation he enjoyed as it run down his crack through the hair and over his balls. At once she inserted a finger into him, expecting there to be some resistance, however there was none, so she inserted another finger, and again is slid easily into his ass making no impact on it. So one at a time she increased the number of fingers that she used, until she had five fingers inside him up to the knuckles. At this point he said – “ok, nearly there, now make your hand into a fist and put it all in there, and fuck me with it, do me like I would do you! ”. So obligingly she clenched her fist and pushed against his now red raw gapping hole and tried to force it inside “keep trying!” he said, and after some considerable resistance, his ass suddenly gave way, and her fist shot up it, with this he jolted as she hit his g-spot. “oh yeas, now you’re inside me, filling me up, do it to me you dirty girl!” and so she began to pump him with her first.
Seeing that this was no longer a challenge, she brought her other spit-lubricated hand alongside the other and pushed, to her amazements it slid in with minimal effort, he jolted once more “what the fuck was that!”, “it’s my other fist” she replied, “shit, you mean you got both hands in there, damn that’s so sexy!” as he turned around to lay on his back so that he could observe every twisted second of what she was doing to him, while he raised his legs against his chest so that she went in even deeper. With the pressure of her fists pressing against his prostate, his cock was barely hard at all, and was now curved over like a butchers hook. The pleasure was exquisite, however he felt that he wouldn’t cum with anal stimulation alone, and so he spat on his hands too, and with one hand gripping his balls, the other he used to masturbate his now pathetic looking hard- on. Literally within a couple of second his body convulsed violently as he experienced the most intense orgasm that he had ever felt, he cried out at the top of his voice, there was a powerful gush as enough watery sperm to fill a small glass was literally thrown everywhere. At once he grabbed her thrusting hands to stop them, he absolutely could not take anymore of her being inside him, he would literally jump with the sensitivity of any movement. As she considerately removed her hands, he leaped as they restretched his brutalised hole that had partly closed around them in the tension of orgasm, and shook as they were removed, leaving his ass feeling still full with the sizeable stretched cavity that had been left by her hands’ departure. Meanwhile he could literally feel a draught through the gape of his deformed swollen asshole. She exclaimed – “you know I can actually see right into you from here!”
“Wow, I’ve never seen a reaction like that during sex in a man before, mind you, then again I’ve never fisted I guy before, wow. That’s one that I’ll definitely be doing more often! I guess now you’re so sensitive you wont be able to buttfuck me anymore”. However there was no way that he was going to pass by this opportunity, and so even though his penis had now become desensitised through all the stimulation and was never going to get hard again, he still bent her over, and true to her word, she spread apart her sweet ass checks revealing her sweet little red pussy and her hairy ass crack with its little tight brown puckered hole. Gently he prepared her ass with spit-lubricated fingers, and once she was ready for him, she prised her passage open with her fingers, as he practically dropped his limp dick inside, the only thing that kept it from popping out was the tightness of her rim. “And now the hunter will become the hunted!” he thought to himself, as he began to pound her ass, his low hung emptied balls slapping against her pussy. Meanwhile he grasped her boobs, while she rubbed her own clit and pussy with one of her hands, her eyes closed in contentment. After some time she reached a loud and powerful orgasm, and as she did so her already tight ass contracted around his cock, making in uncom comfortable for either of them to continue, and so they decided to call it a day.
They thanked each other for a brilliant time and promised that they would have to do it again sometime real soon, and maybe next time Jessica may want to join in as well. They kissed goodbye, and one at a time left the bathroom. As they walked down the isle, him first returning to his seat with Jessica, and her blowing a kiss to him as she passed, there were a few disapproving looks from passengers as they noticed the white stains of spunk which had splashed over her dark uniform during his manic anal orgasm. Jessica turned to him and asked – “did you have a good time?”, “very” he replied, “you know she’s invited you to join in next time”, “yeah, maybe I will, maybe I won’t, I’ll think about it, although right now I know what I want!” she exclaimed as she stood up walked towards the bathroom then turned and beckoned him towards her “oh no” he thought…”ah well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, and it just feel so darn good, and anyway, I better do it as much as I can while I can, in case it’s several years again before I get another chance, plus - death by sex, if I’m gonna go then what a way to go! ”. “C’mon then” she shouted back to him…”get a move on big boy, I’m getting wet!”, with this half the passengers turned looking disgusted at both of them, while the other half pretended they hadn’t heard anything. So he quickly scurried down the isle in his embarrassment. The bathroom door closed after them, accompanied by the sounds of playful sexual laughter from within!

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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia says the government's 60-day script policy wi...

25 May 2023 at 9:55pm  The Pharmacy Guild of Australia says the government's 60-day script policy will worsen medicine shortages. What does the data say?  ABC News


Survivors of serial Auckland sex offender furious as Supreme Court ... - New ...

25 May 2023 at 2:00am  Survivors of serial Auckland sex offender furious as Supreme Court ...  New Zealand Herald


Sex offender teacher Jaimee Cooney acted inappropriately with ... - New Zeala...

21 May 2023 at 7:00am  Sex offender teacher Jaimee Cooney acted inappropriately with ...  New Zealand Herald


'Rabbit hole': Man filmed young boys in public changing rooms - New Zealand H...

10 May 2023 at 7:00am  'Rabbit hole': Man filmed young boys in public changing rooms  New Zealand Herald


Christchurch parents sentenced for sexual, physical, psychological ... - New ...

9 May 2023 at 7:00am  Christchurch parents sentenced for sexual, physical, psychological ...  New Zealand Herald


Disgraced doctor gets community detention for indecent assault on ... - Stuff

4 May 2023 at 7:00am  Disgraced doctor gets community detention for indecent assault on ...  Stuff


Oklahoma massacre: Sex offender 'controlled my daughter's family ... - Stuff

3 May 2023 at 7:00am  Oklahoma massacre: Sex offender 'controlled my daughter's family ...  Stuff


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