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Dating on the Beach

Dating on the Beach

Before deciding to date on a beach, the most crucial step is to make sure your body looks well-toned and you feel confident about it. If you feel your skin looks too pale, go to a tanning salon and get yourself a few sessions.
The first don't at a beach is to not stare or openly ogle at people. So instead of leering at someone you like, go up to them and strike up a conversation. Keep the conversation general and give the impression that you are listening patiently. Pick up clues about what she likes or doesn't like. Avoid being self-conscious about yourself. Infuse humor into your conversation. Keep the chat short and sweet but long enough to arouse her interest in you.
Then stroll away and spend time on the surf and sand with your friends. This will give her time to assess you and figure out whether she would like to get to know you better. Always ensure than whenever you approach a girl, you do not take all your friends in tow.
Unless you are a professional swimmer, a Speedo is the last thing you should be wearing. Surf shorts make you look cool without giving the impression that you are trying too hard. If you wear sun-block make sure it is not the colored variety.
Make sure your shades don't have neon lenses or allow people to see their reflection on them.
Now that you are dressed and ready to hit the beach, keep a few things in mind. Do not carry a deck chair with you. Girls expect you to swim or play a sport and lounging around is definitely not an option. Leave your video camera at home else you will come across as a voyeur. If you are carrying beach rugs or towels, make sure they do not have offensive pictures on them like those of naked blondes.
Try and include the girls in whatever sport you play or in your beach activities. So carry along a beach ball or whatever other sports equipment you like for entertainment. Just make sure you do not splash water on the girls unless you want to remain single. If you take a radio or CD player along, make sure you do not play it too loud. Avoid listening to music on a personal stereo unless you want to make yourself out to be a loner or a social outcast.

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