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Wardens Online Blog

Wardens Online Blog

By stoneypoint - Jan 3, 2010 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 7587 He was always a quiet man. He kept to himself mostly growing up in a small family. He came to love the outdoors and as he matured and learned, two vestiges of his “education” had remained. One, you know of, and that is that he came to love and desire the great outdoors. The other was being with a woman which he couldn’t have enough of.
Rowe now spent his days outdoors on the protected preserves of the great wild lands. He kept a watchful eye on them as well as the lands protected game. Besides mending fences and roaming its protected wildlife, he journeyed the lands making sure poachers wouldn’t infringe on its protected properties. However, one thing he never knew was that he was being watched. He was being watched by three young ladies lately for the last few days.
“There he is” she whispered. “That’s the guy…that’s Rowe…our ‘Rowing Apple.’” They all looked through their binoculars at him. “That’s him… Whewwwww he’s good looking” she added “isn’t he?”
The other two agreed. They were all eyes. Quietly saying yes back to her they gazed through their binoculars not looking elsewhere once. Even their eyes drooled as they continued to watch him do his work watching his muscular back pour over something he was doing. Dreamy-eyed they watched as Rowe leaned over to spend time mending a fence.
Sweat plastered and stained the backside of his tan shirt emphasizing his well-developed athletic looking shoulders on down. The sweat stretched across him as it lined his shoulders etching out an area defining what they enjoyed gazing upon- his powerful looking frame. It created havoc in their minds. Rowe was soaked from left to right as he worked on and their eyes moved from one side to the other as they followed the flow of his muscular power and was emphasized only by the perspiration which laid out soaked shirt which was matted to his backside and they were impressed by him. Rowe, in their opinion was easily every woman’s ideal guy.
But what all the other women probably didn’t know was what they had discovered that their Rowe as they bounced from one blog to another was in reality ‘Rowing Apple.’ Yes he was… Rowe Templeton, State Wildlife Marshal.
All had known him growing up. He was the town’s best looking guy most said or thought. Women and not all of them of many ages came to adore Rowe. It was easy considering his quiet demeanor but sparkling blue eyes and blondish brown hair. Now that the three of them discovered he was ‘Rowing Apple, ’ the one who wrote dirty things like he had online, and now that they were all 18, the three of them felt they had the bravado to pursue something, a relationship, with this slightly older guy they adored regardless if he was married with young children.
But why would a guy with a beautiful, wonderful wife like his write such things online they asked initially. He was creative and seductive and he had a way with mischievous words always. His words and phrases engrossed them. These three recently graduated 18 year old young ladies who had nothing else to do but find trouble out in the vast state of Montana began crawling into their own and his little fantasy world.
“Ohhh god” she began, “I’d strip down right out here for him.” They all laughed quietly. The other two agreed with her. Why not do something like that out here? It was a deserted location. No one was around. “I’d do all those forbidden things he writes about, wouldn’t you guys agree?”
They nodded in silence as none of them spoke while watching this strapping young 30 year old did his thing. All three were ahead of their time it seemed. What they read wasn’t for 18 year olds eyes or wasn’t intended. Being bound up and watching him undress while he stood over one of them, they’d see him grab hold of his or what they imagined was a nice long, thick, and juicy slab of male meat.
And he’d do it without embarrassment right in front of the three ladies as he did lurid sexually exciting acts around three inexperienced 18 year old ladies. Was it repulsive? Not on certain levels, not to these adventurous young viable ones. Watching a man, a man such as Rowe as classically handsome as he is with his dark blond hair and a rippled strapping chest smiling as he jacks off and cums on each of them could be a dream come true they thought. It began to get one of them too giddy.
“She quivered and she quaked while feeling the thick stream of cum from me splash against her boobs. I watched her and I saw how she tensed up at first, but soon after she smiled and relaxed as it oozed down in between them. ‘Mmmmmm, ’ I heard her say, her eyes closing and her back arching as if she loved it being done to her. ‘Do it again’ she had said. ‘Ohhhhhhh that was, and is, a big turn on for me… You have no idea’ she tells me. So I kneel over her and I do it some more. I knelt over her masturbating myself because her sexy and pretty eyes and lips almost begged for me to do it again, for her and to her friend. Who knows what lies out there? I’m still hard. I’m still horny. I get down on myself for thinking these thoughts, but it’s what I want. I want to kneel over her luscious burgeoning body…her slender curvy figure and seeing as she wants it even more, well I do it more. I try harder. And oh god…ohhh god does this feel good.
“Even I want it more then she could ever imagine. Her nice succulent titties call out for me and does she even know they do? Does she say anything to me? No… No she doesn’t. She can’t know. She couldn’t at all know they do. And to reach out behind her as she watches my hands and arms, I reach behind her back and I unhook it, allowing each one to settle in its rightful position. Her eyes fill with excitement. They meet mine as I remove it. And her eyes take on a glorious and ohhh so sexually crazed look in them. She wants it now. She wants what I want. She’s feels taunted even teased by my actions yet she is ready and already I hear her moaning and uttering her excited hungry sounds.
“As she lays naked and tied to my bed she somehow knows I will never harm her for what I am about to do. I only do what she’s dreamed and fantasized about when we are alone with one another in a cozy warm bedroom. And maybe if we are lucky she carries with her that personal little ‘friend’ of hers…that exciting cozy little tubular friend. I always wonder what or if she calls it anything. I don’t know if she does…maybe Annabelle or Mabel or maybe she uses a guy’s name. That would make more sense to me. That’s why I want her. That’s why I want her wholesome and sexy and desirable body beside me today. I want to give her all that pleasures her and that she dreams of.”
Those were some of the words he wrote for those to read. Why, no one knows. But when she did first read them and told her two closest friends to read it also, each of them trembled excitedly. I can’t stand this any longer one of them thought. Aimee, under her breath had said she wanted to meet him. She had thought to herself how she wanted to be with the guy, to do the things he wrote about. Then she said it, aloud. She told her friends she wanted and needed to meet the guy.
They’d known by reputation for many years and now that they were 18 they seriously considered themselves grown and matured women. Were they? Was the blog, the words and ideas he wrote for them? That was for him to determine. Aimee wanted somehow to let him know they were for her at least and that she, they knew about his blog, but how? How could she tell him…let this guy know they knew who he was actually.
“No, ” Marcie jumped in. “Don’t you think that maybe he’s not right in the head Aimee? What I’m saying is he could be warped, a little off…couldn’t he be? That website, that blog is for anyone to write anything they want isn’t it? It may not be real. It’s just for ideas, fantasies too. I heard he’s a really nice guy and all, but he’s…he’s so quiet. Isn’t what we read strange to you?”
“Soooo?” Aimee said. “I’d still want to try those things. Wouldn’t you?”
“Wouldn’t I what?” Marcie came back.
“Wouldn’t you let him cum on to you…seduce you and make his pitch so to speak? Wouldn’t you let him tie you up like he wrote and do those things to you?” Aimee interjected.
He stopped what he was doing. His hunched back to them, he knelt upright. They quieted down to see what he was going to do next. None of them moved. He looked left to his left. He looked to his right. His dog barked inside his truck. He looked back at her. He asked what it was that was bothering her. They could see him, but not the dog, with their binoculars. Aimee and the other two saw him say something. Maybe he was talking to himself? A dog jumped out from inside the truck. He said something again to the dog. Then his dog barked and looked in their general direction. He didn’t see them. They saw him pat and rub the dog, but then the dog went running. It started off in their direction. They slithered back. They backed away quickly on the ground. They didn’t want to be caught on private property. As they crawled away Mary Jo saw the dog change course. It headed away from them, slightly off course. Still worried, they hustled and slipped away, but the dog stopped and began barking. It was barking in the direction where they were lying down at. The girls, wearing jean shorts and in mid-drift tops jumped up and sped out of there. Laughing and panting heavily they headed for the pickup truck.
After the dog returned Rowe was back working and kept on working, but said to the dog without stopping “Was it them again girl? Were they here again watching me?” He grinned. “They are cute aren’t they? You ought to know. You’re a girl from all I know. Hmmmm…I don’t know Lacey…I don’t know… Is that my style? Young un’s like them? Noooo…no it isn’t but once in a never know do ya? It’s still one hell of an idea… ain’t it girl. Ain’t it?” he said. The dog barked twice as she wagged her tail.
He was sweating profusely. He had one other shirt. Inside, he showered in the facility’s shower. Ooooohh did he feel good. Clean shirt, fresh underwear, and even a pair of new socks. Whoa today was a hot day. He had looked out his window. There it was. That truck again. Only one girl was in it.
Where were the other two? What was that girl’s name again? Damn, she doesn’t look 18 does she? Hell she could be…whoa, look at her in those…those short cutoffs. Man, tight as tight gets aren’t they? And that top…” he began to say to himself. He blinked and shook his head at the sight of her. “She is cute. She does have a sexy looking body” he said to no one. His eyes trained on her he went on to say “Curvy, not really plump, and one helluva great looking ass for 18 years old...and even nice juicy round titties to boot… God you take away that cute and adorable face and put it on an older person, woman and I…I have the makings of a-”
The phone rang. Good thing. He was beginning to forget his duties looking at her. It was his wife. Initially as he spoke with her he watched Mary Jo. She remained in her truck. He started to look away. He finally walked away from the window. He got mad about something, but held his tongue. His wife Carolyn said her mother who was a very good looking woman and not controlling or a pest in any way had suddenly come to visit.
“Shit” he said under his breath.
“What was that?” she asked.
“Nothing…I just wasn’t expecting her. “Now we will be expected to do twice as much now that she’s around. You know how your mom can be?” She knew, they hung up, and he always told her he loved her, which he did. He dialed back and reminded her he loved her a lot and apologized to her about her mom. “But you know how she get’s…all touchy feely with me.” Carolyn knew and understood.
He walked out and headed to his truck. She sat inside, nervously. He saw her peeking his way, but her head remained down as if she was reading or something. She twitched tensely at something. He didn’t notice. His truck was on the other side of the parking area and when he saw her more closely, he headed towards her.
“Hi, can I help you?” he called out.
She wasn’t sure what she wanted to say. She was apprehensive about his approach, but he was a darling. He was still the looking guy she always remembered him to be and as quiet as he’d been all his life, he seemed more outgoing lately then she could ever recall. Even back in the day when they all spent their lives at the recreational pool where everyone hung out, she remembered him walking around calling out to people or yelling even while on duty as a lifeguard, or when he was off duty for that matter and his blondish brown hair blew in the breeze, his smile conjured up various ideas and fantasies such as making out with him. Yes, making out intimately with the older but good looking guy by the name of Rowe.
“Uhh hi uhhhh Rowe is it?”
He nodded, smiled, and she melted…and more. Her insides turned to jello, riveting and vibrating jello almost. She could feel the adventurous excitement growing within her. What should I say? Don’t sound stupid. Oh god, he’s walking towards me…oh god, oh shit…say something smart, she told herself.
“Ohhh how are you? I know you” he told her, his head turning as if trying to remember her name.
He walked closer and closer. She could feel his energy. She felt her pulse threatening her or his proximity threatening her biorhythms or something to that affect. She trembled nervously. Her face tensed up. He was at ease as he smiled and looked at the more matured 18 year old young lady. At 32, he never felt older then the young ones, but never felt uncom comfortable around the ones even older then him either be it a man or a woman. He was always com comfortable around others regardless of age and that included a hot and sexy looking Mary Jo in his opinion.
“Uhh yeah you do” she said. “I’m uhh Mary Jo…we uhh knew each other uhh when we all used to hang out at the pool…remember?”
He looked away. He recalled it all. He remembered all the girls and their googly eyes. He remembered how they all tried getting his attention regardless of either one’s age. He told her he remembered her and all her friends, but couldn’t recall their names. He asked what they were and she told him. Still in her mid-drift top which clung to her body like wet paper hence announcing her physical maturity in ways words don’t describe properly, the top was practically lacquered to her solid frame and full sized boobs, and it was not difficult at all to notice. Eyes do not usually roam around when boobs like hers are so pronounced as they were, but there was so much more to Mary Jo. Although she was young, she easily could fill his secret hidden passions and fantasies forever. He recalled seeing her shapely fuller sized ass once before and wow, did she ever fill out those slacks beautifully he had told himself… Yes she could…mmmmmmmm.
“So is there something I can do for you Mary Jo?”
She looked into his dreamy eyes. She wanted to tell him what they’d discovered. She wanted to tell him what she’d read, all of his posts, were like wow, what’s this guy do? Write stuff and then jack off…is that what he does or does he go and tell his wife he’s horny, would she make love with him? That’s what she wished she could tell him, minus of course the make love to his wife part. It drove her crazy just thinking about his posts. It made her want to shove her hand, her fingers down inside her jean shorts, and finger her already moistened pussy. She could already feel her panties becoming wetter and wetter being in such close proximity to this older, cute stud of a warden.
“Uhhhh well I was uhhhh going to uhh tell you something, but it can wait until later.” She didn’t know why she said that. She wasn’t sure why she said anything. Now she wasn’t even sure why she came back in the first place. She looked away. She looked up, quickly, but diverted his gaze just as quickly as she looked up.
Ohhh god is he cute, she thought, but he said something to her, calmly and charmingly which said to her I like this guy and I like him a lot. “Hey, you feel you ever need to talk about anything and I mean anything at all that you don’t want to talk to anyone else about well let me know. I mean it. Cool… Are we cool?”
When she looked up he saw the sweetest and gentlest smile she could have ever shown him. It had settled on her face. She’d “fallen” in love somehow with a guy she didn’t have a chance with, but it would fill her fantasies and probably fill his too, but she didn’t look at it that way, but maybe he did. Oh ohhh... Trouble is brewing somewhere soon. She looked into his eyes. She loved them. She loved him. He was the nicest and sweetest and seemingly most understanding guy…and she wanted him in ways girls shouldn’t want older guys, but she was 18 so she had the right to make decisions on her own.
“Yeah uhhhh thanks. Uhhhh I uhh appreciate that if you mean it” she answered. Now nervous, she nodded excitedly. He looked her right in the eye. He reached and patted her left hand which was on the door frame, and that alone had her feeling awesome and aroused in itself. “Thanks…I mean it…I will stop in. Uhh should I call first or uhh” and she accidentally asked “maybe email you or something to see if it’s okay? I think I have it” she finally told him. He had no idea how, but said yes not thinking about it. She pulled out and drove away and couldn’t wait until she got home to one, write it in her blog, two maybe tell her friends, and three pull out her little friend and share her personal chat with Rowe with it.
In the back family room, she was down on the floor playing with the kids. She heard him come in. He dropped his stuff near the front closet. Carolyn saw him and walked out. They hugged and she smelled the facility’s soap. For some reason she loved that outdoors aroma it gave off. It always set her off. Carolyn, several years younger met him, and right away fell in love with him. She was the one who “courted” him. She was the one who hit on him. She was the one who had to pin him down, throwing herself at him, and forced him to tell her they were going to get married and have lots of kids…lots and lots of kids. So far almost all of those dreams came true. She still loves him. He loves her. She’s still ambitious in the bedroom. Wouldn’t your woman be that way with him if she had his undivided attention and with a body with the likes of hers? Okay, she’s as good looking as they come with tits and curves and an outgoing upbeat personality such as hers. She is a one man woman, always had been and always will be, and get this. She knows about his “antics” online, or so he thinks she knows the extent of them. But she’s never read them to his knowledge. He wants her too, but he’s afraid of how she will react. Maybe one day he’ll open it up or outright tell her and let her know. But for now “ignorance is bliss.”
“Where’s your mom?” he asked.
“With the kids” she replied, “but you’ve got to see her Rowe. I mean she’s a lot different. She’s lost like 60 pounds honey. She does not look her age. In fact, she could easily, and I mean easily pass for someone in her mid-thirties to be honest. You won’t believe it. And get this-”
“Hiiiiii Rowe” he heard as Rowe and Carolyn talked privately in the foyer.
He looked past Carolyn. All other thoughts, ideas, and anything else evaporated. His eyes opened wide. His head stiffened after he straightened up. All that beauty, all her ample and succulent curves had disappeared, com completely, but what emerged was a solid and most favorable figure of a slender shapely woman who no longer looked 44, but that of a woman, like Carolyn had said of a 34 or 35 year old darling woman. She had dropped three to four sizes, everywhere.
“So I take that to mean it agrees with me?” referring to her weight loss. He said nothing. He only stared with his mouth open. Was he drooling? No, but it almost looked like he was. “Yes, I am fit. I am fabulous. I am woman, which I always was. But I am on the hunt too. If you know anyone…anyone and ask your wife, I am in the market for a date.”
“I can see that” he said softly, his eyes still trained on her figure.
From head to toe he studied her. She looked nothing like she did when she weighed 245 or whatever it was she weighed. He didn’t know, but the images being developed in his mind were bad, bad images of her naked and sexy and shapely and…and oooooooohh yeah…dirty and naughty images of her, and him together and in bed playing around. What a terrible imagination he had, but he never thought so and it didn’t seem to make Carolyn mad. She was proud of her mother. She loved how her mom looked. She only hoped she could look like her mom in twenty years. That way she could still keep Rowe jumping and hopping and interested after so many years of marriage and sex and kids.
She put her hand to his cheek. “She does look lovely doesn’t she” she told Rowe referring to her mom.
He finally took his eyes off her. Wow, man oh man…what a woman, he thought and said yes. He went to his satchel and took out some paperwork. He headed to his office and laid them down. After changing, he came back and sat down to play with the kids. Carolyn and her mom made dinner. Rowe looked over at Catherine, his mother in law too often. He loved her new thinned out but still shapely ass. One of the kids called out his name, but thankfully not too loud. Dinner was served. After dinner, he went and cleaned up dishes while Carolyn and Catherine sat and caught up some more.
Eventually he got to his paperwork and got it caught up. He went out and visited. That was boring, but Catherine made mention of her new and upcoming internet skills, how she’d been into blogs and such. “Ohhh really?” said Carolyn. “Rowe writes a blog” and Rowe nodded. Carolyn said she’d never read it and didn’t get into its contents yet but always intended to read it some day.
“Ohhh that true Rowe? Do you read others’ blogs?” Catherine asked.
He was ashamed to admit he did, but did admit that he did read others telling her some of the ones he did read and that’s when she asked him what his pen name was, what he name he wrote under. “Uhh well I uhh write under the name of uhh-”
“‘Rowing Apple’” Carolyn shouted out proudly.
Catherine knew the name intimately. She instantly shut down and went silent. Unable to fathom her son in law was the one who wrote all that “trashy” stuff which in truth aroused her twofold and which she loved and adored the man behind the words, reading all of it turned her on big time. What was her son in law really into? What was he all about she wondered personally? Was he a major perv or just a guy with wild fantasies like many men and woman she knew she asked herself?
“And you, my 24 year old daughter, have never ever read his stuff?” Catherine asked.
“Nope mom, I haven’t.”
He sat flushed. Toiling whether to get up and go play with his kids or to just leave and go online or do something else, he wasn’t sure. He stood up. Catherine looked his way. She smiled. It was a mischievous smile. She then winked. He didn’t understand and at first wasn’t sure what to make of her actions. He excused himself and headed to his office. Three hours later and after intermittent interruptions, he was back online. He was ready and full of thoughts. He thought about Mary Jo. He thought about their conversation. He thought about writing something about her and him, together, and alone. He smiled at the concept. He liked what was coming in his thoughts.
“You’re a very good writer” he heard from behind. “Turns me on” she said. “And phew, if ever a woman wanted to be turned on, you are one of the first ones they want to go to from chatting online, on the boards you know.”
He spun around. Carolyn, already in bed, seeing as it was midnight, and Catherine stood in the doorway. She wore the same impish smile on her face as she had on earlier. He recognized it. She was proud of her weight loss, real proud, and she looked extremely sexy now too. And to top it off, wouldn’t you know it? Her body just happened to be hosting one of those “Look at This Body, This Curvaceous Figure Tonight” shows. That’s how he saw it because when he gazed upon her first off she happened to be wearing a sheer negligee. Beneath it was some kind of alluring lingerie… enough that if he stared at her long enough he could see “things” and he could eventually see things easily. Those things would soon produce certain elevated hormonal escapades between any man and any woman they way she was dressed. Plus how she was dressed would expand his imagination and form ideas about him and her doing things he wasn’t sure he wanted to admit yet.
“Is there a point to how you’re dressed?” he said quietly and boldly.
“Yes” she replied equally as boldly back to him.
“Hmmm… And I take it you’ve read all my posts?”
“Yes” she told him. She wore a naughty confident smile.
“And?” he said looking for her opinion.
“And you can drive women and young ladies into doing bad, bad things that maybe they shouldn’t be doing…like me and my secret little friends.” She winked as she said “secret little friends.”
“Friends being fingers or tubular or both?” he asked.
“Both…you know better… Even Carolyn does that” she replied. “Even I still do it. A woman has…has needs you know.” There was a long pause. They stared at each other. “Sweet dreams Rowe. Keep writing for me. I love it. We all love it…mmmmmmmm”
He didn’t write. He thought about her words. He thought about her newfound figure. “Uhh oooooooohh, ” he said under his breath. “Wow she looks…she looks…hot” he said.
“I do… don’t I?” he heard her say from outside his office.
He stared at his computer a little while longer. Then he signed off. He headed to bed and undressed down to his underwear. A warm hand eased its way towards his chest. “They can read it” she said. “But I get to get it almost any night I want don’t I? ”
“God and it’s always the best too” he told Carolyn.
She took off her clothes and showed him the same exciting supple breasts he gets to see almost every night. He went down on them, suckling each one tenderly with two hands. She lived for that. She loved it when Rowe suckled her tits like that. He suckled everything on her maturing figure and she was more then willing to allow him the pleasure. From her tits to her shoulders, to her sides, to her lower middle back, he suckled her ripe body with adoring love. From her soft unblemished ass cheeks to the backs of her legs all the way down and back up, he suckled her inside and out. Turning her over he kissed her body. Spreading her legs apart he kissed and suckled the insides of her thighs.
He became harder and harder until he couldn’t stand it any longer. Erect as he could be he placed himself inside her and went at it, plummeting her cunt and making her scream excitedly, she orgasmed twice as he came inside her. It was a glorious late night for the two of them.
“That’s my Rowe” she said smiling while listening to her son in law and daughter down the hall fucking. “He’s got it, he’s sexy, and he knows how to turn on a woman” she added while her fingers worked at her own pussy as she re-read one of his great blogs. “Ohhh god… God Rowe…do it to me…eat me” she said quietly, her head falling back.

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