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Two Headed_dick

The Two Headed Dick

By HarryB - Feb 12, 2006 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 20828 I am a very popular senior at my high school. With my thick blond hair, jade green eyes and perfect complexion, I am the envy of many of my fellow females. That popularity, beauty and the ensuing social life were driving my grades down. I buckled under and pulled up to all B+'s or better, except in Advanced Mathematics. On the school's bulletin board, I found the name of a female student who could tutor me for a nominal fee. The thing is, she was kind of unusual. Like a girl stuck in the 60's. A flower child. She sometimes wore love beads around her neck or around her head. One day she even topped herself by wearing an old multi-colored dashiki over her tattered jeans. Ancient, chunky old sandals were on her feet. Of course I could not be seen in public with her, so I suggested we have all our sessions at her house. When I went into her large bedroom, I could swear I was in another era. There were '60's posters and memorabilia everywhere. But she was an excellent, patient tutor who got me back on the right track. After six weeks, I was able to function on my own, but found that I missed her quirkiness. I began calling her or visiting her at home. Dani knew lots of stuff about lots of things and shared it with me. We became friends. "There was more to the sixties that just war and protest and communes and flower children, " Dani imparted. "What else, Dani?" "Free love. Make love, not war. That sort of thing. Can you imagine people back then making love when the felt like it, doing it anywhere they wanted?" "It does sound great. But these times are not much different in that respect. You know I date Brad, the football captain? Well, he thinks he can do it with me anytime he wants. I put a stop to that. He first has to take me to dinner and/or a movie. A respectable date. Then I might consent. Most times, I just let him fuck me. I barely participate. I want to remain popular and being with Brad has a lot to do with that. Are you a virgin, Dani?" "I've never been penetrated by a real man, if that's what you mean." Dani was a senior, already 18 with long, black straight hair down to her butt. Her face with its haunting grey eyes was pretty even without makeup. "What are you saying, Dani? Do put love candles inside yourself or something?" I giggled. She smiled and rose from her Indian-style position on her bed and went to her large walk-in closet. On the top shelf at the very back, she pulled down a brightly colored box and brought it back to the bed. She dumped some stuff from on top and pulled out a leather box. When she opened it, there lay an assortment of at least 5 "dicks." "Where did you get these?" I asked, picking up one. "I have my own credit card, so I bought them on the Internet. My parents never question my packages or the charges on my bill. This was my first one." She picked up a 6-inch pink number and turned it on. "I've had a lot of pleasure with it." That night at home, all I could think of was that pink dick. But it wasn't so much the dick itself as it was thinking about her naked with it inside her. What would her pussy look like? I shook away my thoughts and went to bed. The next time I went over, Dani showed me a collection of girly magazines she bought while in New York. She said you could just go up to any newsstand and ask for them. She said she could cum much harder and much faster with her dick if she was looking at a naked and posed-for-sex woman. I got hot myself as I flipped through her stash. What would it be like to fuck one of these women? What would you do to one beside pumping a dick into her pussy? "Vanessa, would you like to see what I do to myself in this room at night?" I was hot and yes I wanted to see. I nodded yes. "Lock the door. I'm pretty vocal when my parents aren't around, but I'll have to hold it down now." Dani pulled off her shorts and panties, pulled her t-shirt up to her neck, revealing braless breasts and picked up one of the dicks. She had me find a picture and hold it up to her while she slid the dick inside her. She watched the picture of the naked girl with her pussy spread wide. Dani pumped the dick inside herself repeatedly as she squirmed and gyrated on the bed. She began mumbling, "Give me that sweet pussy, sweet pussy, sweet pussy. Fuck me, honey, fuck me." She then pulled the dick out and rubbed it on her clit. She bit her hand to stifle her scream as she bucked and came, still looking at the girl in the picture. "See what I mean, Vanessa? I just fucked that girl. That was the perfect cum." She pulled at her erect nipples as she screwed on the bed. I was looking at her saturated pussy with juice gleaming on the black hairs. I decided right then that I would love to have her fuck me. "Yes, Dani. That was so hot." When Dani was in her bathroom, I 'borrowed' one of the girly magazines and put it into my large bag. While having lunch with Brad and my friends, I glanced over to where Dani was sitting with hers. I began to tingle when the image of her wet pussy came to mind. The magazine that I borrowed just happened to be dedicated to lesbian love. I read all the fantasies, the how-to's and viewed all the pictures. Now I knew what else women did with each other. I wanted to do these things with Dani. And I would. Oh, Dani girl, I want to fuck you! I was just about to ring Dani's doorbell when her parents opened the door. I greeted them warmly and was told they were going out to dinner. Perfect! I went directly up to Dani's room. "I just saw your parents heading out the door." "Yeah. My Dad is entertaining a client. What's up Vanessa? You didn't call to say you were coming over." I pulled out the magazine that I had borrowed and handed it to her. "I'm bringing this back." "Groovy. I thought I had accidently placed it in the trash. Did you like it Vanessa? she asked. "I found it to be very interesting. Women can certainly do a lot of things to each other. It got me really excited--like it had me thinking that I might want to do something with a girl. I know I have Brad and all. But this would have nothing to do with my relationship with him. Dani, have you ever done it with a real girl?" "No. But I want to. We could learn together Vanessa, if you want. You are as beautiful and sexy as the women in the magazines. I'd love to touch you here, " she said pointing to her pussy. "You blew my mind when you fucked yourself. I can't erase the image of your wet pussy from my head." "You don't have to. Let's do it Vanessa!" She walked to me and took my head in her hands and kissed me. It was such a soft, warm kiss with her long, delicate tongue probing the recesses of my mouth. It was so much better than Brad's big, demanding tongue. I suggested that we get undressed. I wanted to see her dark pussy again. We were naked in seconds and kissing again. I brought my hand down and felt Dani's pussy. It was wetting nicely. "Vanessa, please let me feel your tongue there. Please." She pulled away and lay down on the bed. I crouched between her open legs, spread her pussy lips open and caressed them. I put two fingers inside her vagina and pumped them in and out. I brought out more of her sweet juice, rubbed it over her hairs, and had her pussy gleaming as it was the first time I saw it. I brought her down to the edge of the bed, got on the floor on my knees and sucked her pussy. Dani, between moans of pleasure, told me what she wanted. As for the rest, that was all me. Doing what I would want done to me. Dani came with my tongue lodged inside her. Dani came when I touched her clit. Dani clasped my fingers inside her and came. I was on fire watching her cum, knowing that I was giving her what she needed. Dani scooted back up to the pillows and lay back. "Now, Vanessa, put your pussy in my face." On my knees and holding her headboard, I lowered myself to her mouth. She sucked me as I had sucked her. I gyrated above her, taking my pleasure from her tongue as it explored very the center of me. I was open and exposed as she pulled my lips back and let me lower myself to her long tongue. My cum was the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. And a girl had done it. We both lay back exhausted and satisfied. Dani spoke, "That was great. All that magazine reading paid off. I got a new toy in today, Vanessa. We may have time to try it out before my parents get home." We looked at the digital clock beside her bed. "What is it Dani? Come on, I want to see it." I put my tongue in her mouth and kissed her passionately before she left the bed. "Here it is. Isn't it beautiful? She had a thick, flexible two-headed dick that could be inserted into two girls at the same time. "Dani, put it in us, " I said excitedly. We sat facing each other, legs spread wide. Dani put her part inside her, then came closer to me. I happily received my half. It was just the right length for it disappeared between us. Our bodies touched and our bodies were filled. We caressed each other, humped together, kissed deeply and whispered how good it felt. "Screw me now, Dani. We don't have much time left, do we?" We readjusted ourselves with Dani on top. We got busy setting up a rhythm, then screwing the dick into each other. Dani was really into giving it to me good. With her breasts pressed to mine and her sweet tongue taking my mouth, I exploded first. She filled AND fulfilled me. She put her hands next to my head and raised herself a bit. We were joined only by the dick. Dani was humping me hard, then holding back. I opened my eyes to look at her. Black hair was flying, a secret smile on her red lips, her gray eyes wild with excitement. This beautiful flower child was taking her pleasure from being joined with me. I grabbed her ass and pushed up into her with several quick thrusts, bringing us over. Dani was very vocal this time. I reveled in her screams, then silenced her with my kisses. We were kissing goodbye when her parents' car drove in. I continued to date Brad for the remainder of our senior year, but I took my greatest, most delicious pleasure from fucking Dani. The thought of her made me so hot all the time. Sometimes at school, I could cum just thinking about her or looking at her. She continued to collect the many toys and magazines that heightened our pleasure with each other. When we went off to separate colleges, we each took a few of the toys and magazines to pleasure ourselves--or others. If you do anything worthwhile today, "do it" with a woman.

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