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The Party

The Party

By Walt McBride inarut juno - Jul 22, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 11581 As I looked around the room I saw that the party was in full swing so I walked over to the make shift bar and got a good scotch and wandered around a little.
In the far end of the room I saw a homey but attractive slim young lady, about mid to late 30’s, sitting next to a loud-mouthed overbearing man who was laughing and swinging his arms about as he talked. She sat there just totally trying to ignore him as he talked. She would look away and stare around the room and watch other people. She looked annoyed - lonesome? Her eyes met mine as I watched her. Soft black, shoulder length hair, lily-white skin dressed in a sweeping knee length blue skirt. Utterly stunning. A proud little smile came to her lips.
I heard the guy she was with loudly proclaimed,
“Hey, let’s go watch the game - It’s starting right now.”
Almost all the guys left for the TV room leaving this gorgeous lady sitting alone. I walked over and sat next to her. A wide smile graced her face as she turned toward me as I said,
“Hi! There!”
“Well, hello!” She was even more gorgeous close up.
“Boy! That guy you’re with sure is loud. You’re boy friend?”
“He’s not my boy friend and, yes, he is loud!”
“Not your boyfriend?” I asked looking deeply into her blue eyes.
“No! He’s my husband.”
“OH!” I exclaimed.
My eyes dropped and my heart sank a little. “Oh well!” I thought to myself.
She smiled broadly and touched my arm then laughed out loud.
“Don’t let that bother you! Most of the time he totally ignores me anyway.” She said giggling under her breath.
I smiled back and we continued talking and sipping our drinks for a long time. I found that her name was Barbara and she didn’t work, just worked at home keeping up with her two kids. Her husband never came back to see what was happening and we heard in the far background the cheers of the football fans in another room.
“Sounds like they are enjoying the game.” I chuckled.
“I’m enjoying this a hell of a lot more!” She said softly. I smiled and winked at her.
I mixed us another. She sat facing me on the bar stool, rotating back and forth in front of me, sometimes grazing me with her knees.
“Sorry about that.” She smiled.
“The pleasure is all mine!” I’d gasped a little and gave her a wide smile.
After a while, it seemed that some of the guys were coming out of the TV room so I scooted off the stool and headed across the room and sure enough, here was her husband coming for a refill, louder than usual. As all the football fans gathered around the watering hole refilling their glasses, I noticed Barbara looking my way with a soft contented look on her face.
She’d smile delicately at me then looked at me over the rim of her glass with those piercing blue eyes, while the guys were talking and laughing roughly at some stale joke. I noticed her turning on her stool back and forth, making sure my eyes followed her actions. Her hands went to her lap and she pulled the hem of her loose fitting skirt up to her knees. Looking deeply at me, she slowly but deliberately unveiled her legs toward my direction. I stared at her action and almost dropped my drink. She laughed but covered her mouth so as not to be too obvious. Her legs closed abruptly as her husband turned to go back to the TV.
About this time the whole herd went back to their ballgame and she sat there watching my reaction. Opening her legs again she let me see the creamy white legs under her skirt, all the way to the white panties. I watched as she swung back and forth some more, each time I watched as the jet-black strip of pubic hair appeared somewhat translucent through her silk panties.
I walked over to her.
“You teasing me?” I asked.
“Trying to!” She looked deeply into my eyes.
“Doing a good job of it, too” I gasped.
She just smiled.
“They’ll probably be a while, don’t you think?” I asked.
“Could be!” She whispered. My hand came to rest on her left leg and I felt the warmth of her skin underneath.
“I have a white Cadillac coupe parked on the side of the garage around back.”
“Oh! Yeah?” She wheezed, “Hummm!”
“Interested?” I asked, looking at her intently.
“Probably! I could be coerced.”
“I got a surprise for you! Meet you out there?”
“A surprise?” She smiled broadly, “What kind of surprise? ”
“Oh! A little tube. Kind of fat and maybe 7 inches or so long.”
“Really? Never had anything like that before.” She breathed heavily, looked up at me, “It’s been a while.”
“Come on let’s go.”
She looked around the room, there were a few people but not many, most involved in their own things. She looked at me and smiled broadly and whispered,
“Five minutes?”
I excitedly said, “I’ll be waiting.” Got up, brushed a fleeting kiss across her lips, looked deeply into those blue eyes, and left through the open patio door around the pool toward my car.
It was less than five minutes and I saw Barbara looking around to see if anyone was looking as she rounded the corner of the garage heading toward my car. I sat in the darken back seat with my pants draped carefully over the front seat, my jockey shorts on the floor on top of my shoes.
She opened the door and jumped in beside me, closing the door gently behind her.
“Oh! God!” She shrieked, “This is so exciting! God! !”
I reached for her and kissed her with a wide opened mouth, our tongues touching gently as I enfolded her against me. She melted into my arms.
“Ah! Baby! Come here! Let me feel it.” Reaching under her skirt I felt that she had removed those white panties she had shown me earlier.
“Feel it, sweet thing.” She squealed in delight as my finger passed over her wet slit.
My cock stood upright between us as I felt her mouth leave mine and her head lowered into my lap. Her lips circled my tool with one gulp and I felt her suck it in hard.
“God Damn it!” I screeched, “Jesus!”
She just moaned and savored my hard cock.
After a few minutes, I pulled her head up and laid her back on the seat, kissed her gently as she spread her legs wide to accept my protuberance between her wet slit.
“Do it! Do it! give me that big meat, baby!” She coughed out loud and without another word, I gave her one lunge, my cock entered with no problem what so ever on a slimy cushion of her love juice.
“Oh! Momma! God! Fill me!” She whined, feeling its bulge expand her vagina.
“Give me that pussy, baby!” I sighed out loud.
“Take it! That feels so damn good. God I’ve needed this!!!” She screeched.
I humped her by tightening my buttocks together repeatedly. More - more - more I gathered her bustle shaped buttocks in both hands and repeatedly arched my back as we lost ourselves in a whirlwind of passion. Her skirt thrown up over her breasts, her pubic area naked with my cock slipping in and out of her wet hole.
“Damn!” I cried, feeling my passion rising higher and higher, “Feel it baby? Feel it?”
“Oh! Yes! Yes!” Barbara’s loud breath came in frequent bursts on each stroke, “God! Close!” She screamed out loud, “Close! Don’t stop!”
I shuddered, reciprocating my rigid cock harder and faster into her accepting cavern until I heard her exhale violently as she had a violent orgasm around my wet tool, her body shaking under me. My cock jerked violently as the tension of her vagina clasped it tightly as I ejaculated its slimy load into her grasping gratified cavern.
Barbara screeched loudly as she felt it fill her with a pulsing action.
We were both so wound up in the moment it hadn’t taken but a few minutes to do the deed.
She unwound her legs from my back, I pulled out and lay back on the seat of the car, my cock dripping. I grabbed a handkerchief and wiped off then passed it to Barbara. She placed it over her ravaged slit and swabbed off the semen oozing from her slit while I watched. Then she kissed me softly.
“God! I needed that!” She cooed.
“Me too” I sighed.
She pulled down her skirt, put on her little white panties and left. I got my pants back on and followed in a few minutes. We returned separately to the bar room in the house.
She was sitting on a recliner when I came in still flushed with our activity. Barbara had a rosy glow about her face and she smile up at me as I handed her a fresh drink and sat down next to her.
“Ah! That old man of mine. He pisses me off.. You know he’s going on another trip and won’t take me with him.”
“Why not?” I asked inquisitively.
“He said I would be bored.”
We discussed this trip and his work and her home life for a long time. I got us each a refill and watched the others milling around the pool and inside the house, we sort of ignored the goings on and no one seemed to know we were even there. This went on for over an hour or two and for some unknown reason I asked,
“When’s he leaving?”
“In the morning.”
“Oh! You’re going to be alone then?”
“Yeah, the story of my life, I guess.”
“How’s that?”
“I’ve been alone for a long time even with that turkey in the house.” She sounded really pissed off at her husband and I caught the hint of some underlying message - “For a long time.” “Hummm!”
“He doesn’t know I even exist anymore.”
“Hummm!” I thought to myself again,
“Really? - someone as sweet and smart as you, shouldn’t have to put up with that.”
“You don’t think so?” She smile and injected, “That’s nice of you.”
She looked at me, for what seemed like a full minute, her striking eyes fixed on me the whole time.
She leaned over and I sensed she probably wanted a kiss from me. I obliged her with no hesitation. Her full lips touched mine and my arm went around her shoulder. She seemed to enjoy it as her eyes remained closed after our lips parted. We were all alone in the semi darkness with no one around to see us. She DID want a kiss and a sweet one it was. I tasted her lipstick and caught a scent of her perfume which intoxicated me. She slid closer to me and our hands touched.
Another kiss, and another. She sighed and breathed intimately as we continued our illicit conduct. Things were really warming up again, I thought, and fast.
“Love the way you kiss.” She sighed.
“Oh! Yum! You’re sweet.” I whispered.
“I’m available if you’re interested?”
“Really interested!” She panted.
“Here is my number - call me?”
She called me that night after the party. I guess her husband was asleep because she was talking very softly.
“I’m throwing a party.” She cooed, looking up at me, then sighed.
I chuckled out loud.
“You are????”
“Yep! In my pants!!”
“Oh! Really?” I was really taken by surprise a little.
“AND you are CORDIALLY invited.”
“OH! My God!” I ran that statement around a few times in my mind. Then said,
“Think I might have to go to that.” I chuckled.
“You better or I’ll be having a party all alone.”
“Well, I wouldn’t want you to do that, I’ll come. There’s nothing like the real thing.” I quipped to silently to myself, then added,
“When? What time? Where?”
Her smile really lit up her face and said,
“I was hoping you’d COME. - - - - I sure plan to.” She laughed quietly.
“Can’t get any clearer than that.” I thought to myself. “Boy, she is really a hot one.!
“How about tomorrow after he leaves for the airport and the kids get off to school, 10AM?, at my house as soon as you can get here? ”
“Let’s party, get it on baby.” I whispered, kissing her again.
“She really knows what she wants.” I said to myself.
I stood up, my cock feeling some tingle of anticipation, for sure. Next morning, I went out through the side yard to my car parked at the curb.
It seemed like an eternity but I finally arrived at a nice two story. I saw her standing in her doorway. I parked a few doors down the street and walked back to greet her.
“Oh! Thanks for parking down there - The neighbors, you know.” She laughed and took my hand and we went in through the garage and closed the garage door leading into the kitchen. Inside the kitchen she melted into my arms. No, hesitation on either of our parts.
“Let’s party, Baby!! My pants are already jumping!!!” She whispered in my ear.
“Yeah! Let’s.?” I laughed, and grabbed her butt with both hands and pulled her to me.
“Let’s see what kind of party we have here!!” I kissed her again.
“God!” She gasped,
“Yes - Yes. It’ll be a wild one for sure.”
“Where? ”
Without another word she took my hand and led me up the stairs and into a room filled with a king sized bed that was still made. She ripped the covering off it and with rapid movements I watched her as she began tearing and pulling at her clothes, without hesitation, I did the same. She beat me to the bed by only a few seconds, jumping into the center of the bed with one leap.
“My God girl!” I said and chuckled as I jumped in next to her, my semi hard cock swinging in front of me.
“Damn it! God damn it! Give me some more of that cock, baby. Oh! Fuck me” She cried as she swung her body next to mine and threw her legs around me at the same time,
“OH! Baby! YES!!!- I want that” She screamed looking at my cock growing in front of her.
Damn she was really a wildcat turned loose. No foreplay with this one as it had been last night.
My cock grew even harder, her finger nails clawed my back, she wiggled under me, opened her creamy white thighs exposing her patch of black pubic hair, her breath was expelling rapidly and she screamed obscenities while I grabbed my now firm, shaft and directed it to the wet entrance, with one thrust I pushed it full length into her tight soaked little pussy. She watched the head divide her pussy, separate and swell the lips of her quivering sanctuary asunder and the flanged head splitting the aperture. She whelped as my substantial cock split her little tight vagina,
“Ah!! GOD ALMIGHTY!! YES! FUCK ME!” She whelped, “My God! Oh! OH! OHHHH!”
“OH!!! GODDDDD! Jesus Christ.” She bellowed as she felt my cock fill her ravenous cavern with one lunge, then I began to heave repeatedly in and out of her sloppy wet vagina.
“God! Baby! Fill me! OH! Fill me good. Your cock makes me feel so damn good.”
It only took about three or four minutes of vicious repeated thrusts in and out of her heaving lustful cavern, for her to raise her legs higher and spread out, her head started rolling on the pillow, her mouth wide open and a scream issued from her mouth with crazed abandon,
“GOD DAMN! YES!!!! Fuck me, baby harder. I’m coming, Baby!! I’m coming, baby. OHHHH Momma - OH MOMMA!.” I rammed it hard into her, then again, then again. Our bellies slapped together with successive violent contact and I knew it was here..
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She bellowed. The house reverberated with her heaving cry, sobbing and thrashing her body to mine while I pounded my meat inside her.
“She was really ready for that.” I couldn’t believe she was such a sex kitten in bed. She was a wild woman.
The bedroom was a cacophony of Barbara’s screaming, my grunting and other sexual noise. We didn’t care, no one was around so we just let it all out. I kept launching into her while she let out all her stored up sexual passion. Her welled up sexual tension was in there and I wanted to get it all out for her.
I felt the walls of her tight vagina clasp my cock tighter and pulsated along the full length of my shaft while she had one hell of an orgasm.
With her screaming obscenities and talking sex to me, it didn’t take but another few seconds to feel my balls tighten and I felt the hot semen gush out of my penis into her. Surge after surge of pent up yearning surged into her and she accepted it, swallowing every drop deep inside, panting uncontrollably, while I moaned out loud, feeling the release.
“God!” I thought, “What a wildcat she is.”
“Baby! Baby! OH Baby!” She screamed loudly, “Love it! God! OH YEAH!!! That’s what I needed.”
“Must have been a while, HUH?” I sighed.
“You have no idea.” She purred. “God! I needed that bad, really bad.”
“You must have and I loved giving it to you, baby!” I chuckled.
My cock was still buried full length in her tight pussy, so I again kissed her and looked into those gorgeous half opened blue eyes. Our breaths subsided somewhat but Barbara kept me encased tightly inside her tight sanctuary and kept her legs wrapped around my back. I caressed her and touched her hair and face while the combined fluids dripped to the sheets and our bodies relaxed. I felt her hips slowly rising up to meet my impaled cock, savoring every impulse. Twisting her hips and shifting upward slowly drove me crazy. She was savoring every minute of what we shared. Sighing and moaning softly. She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side and I kissed her neck gently. She was luxuriating in our combined climax and orgasm.
“Good God.” I thought to myself. “This is going to take some doing to get this gal tamed.”
We lay slowly moving together feeling our bodies melting together as one.
She sighed softly. I moaned when I felt her little body pushing up on me, her legs wrapped around my back swaying back and fourth carrying my hips back and forth twisting my love dowel implanted deep in her.
She breathed a little heavier, rolled her head the opposite direction. I kissed the side of her neck. She groaned a little more,
“Oh Baby! Fuck me again!!” she breathed.
“Ahhh! Yes!” I humped once.
“Oh!” She whined, closing her legs tighter around my hips.
“I love that big cock in me. You fill me so good!” She whimpered.
I humped her a couple of times slowly. She gasped as she felt the semi hard rod manipulate something sensitive deep inside her vagina.
“Oh! Baby! Fuck me! Fuck me again! Yeah! Baby.”” She whined and I raised my hips extracting my cock to the aperture of her open shelter and again stroked down, coupling tightly inside a few more times.
“Oh Baby!” She again moaned.
My cock began to grow in her.
“It’s getting bigger.” She groaned, “I feel it getting bigger.”
“Bigger.” She whimpered louder, “Bigger!”
“Oh! Baby! Bigger!! YEAH! Fuck me slow, baby!!” Her breath was getting more labored.
It wasn’t too long before I started pistoning her with slow in and out reciprocating movements, comforting her stretched vagina with my firm cocks length. Slowly I increased the cadence, Barbara meeting my every soft slow steady thrust by raising her pussy to meet me and twisting her butt slowly.
The bed creaked under us as we again began a slow steady rhythm, this time. No panic, no speedy release, slow steady immersion of my stiff love spike.
Breathing and grunting, moaning, building to a steady crescendo.
“Ahhhh! Yes! Ahhhhhhhh! Do me, baby.” Barbara moaned
Bed undulating under us. Minutes flew by - More time - slowly this time. Enjoying each stroke. Barbara’s pussy stretching and bulging with each thrust. More minutes flew by. Longer strokes. Deep strokes Barbara accepting them and rolling around under me. I reached under her butt and grabbed the cheeks of her ample ass, pulling her up to impale my cock as deep as possible.
“Yeah! God! Your cock’s so good!” She screamed.
Her breathing became more labored. My finger found her anus, which was very wet from her flooded love cup, and inserted my finger gently into her. Her ass rose off the bed as she felt it go in.
“GOD DAMN!!! Fuck me, baby” She shouted and screamed as I felt her build to another orgasm, “I love that!!! Do it more!!” I inserted my finger deeper. Her breath came in short deep spurts as I continued humping harder and harder with long slow strokes while fingering her gently.
“It’s almost - it’s - - - yes , Baby” She breathed,
“Don’t stop!! Please!! Please!!! YES!! YES!!! ”
A few more lingering minutes then all of a sudden her breath came in rapid short breaths and she screamed in my ear, her body undulated with a writhing reverberating orgasm. She moved to and fro and panted, moaned louder and louder, thrashing under me.
She panted,
“Don’t hold back? Fill me, baby!” She grunted softly breathing laboriously.
She gasped gently, wrapping her soft creamy legs even tighter around me. She humped up to me a few times. She had her arms around my neck holding me tight into her breasts.
“Ah! That’s it!” She screamed and commenced humping more passionately.
I knew she was getting ready again. I watched as her facial features changed with each nudge. She looked at me with that wild look, her mouth went open and I knew it was coming.
“Yes! Yes!” She screeched, then let go another massive orgasm. Her pussy farted and I held back my orgasm with extreme restraint as I felt her distort her body and twist with an absolute lack of inhibition.
“My God, Man. You drive me absolutely wild.” She screamed at me as her body convulsed repeatedly, her breath was wild and hard, her thighs thrashed with my cock forced inside her narrow pussy.
I still held back.
“God!” She screeched.
My voice was parched from heavy breathing, but I managed to moan, softly,
“OK!! Baby! NOW! FUCK, Baby! YES!.”
“YES! Do IT, Get it! Get it!!!!” She yelled, “Shoot it in me, baby. YES!!!!”
More aggressively this time.
She was panting so hard I could not hear anything else. Harder and harder she breathed, my cock was still hard as a rock titillating her pussy.
With renewed vigor, I commenced slapping my penis faster and harder into her stretched out aperture. It only took a few more seconds when she squealed again and I knew she had again released her orgasm. My semen flooded her with a massive load, both having a resounding mutual orgasm together again. We dropped into a relaxed sleep, my cock still throbbing and her pussy squeezing my staff gently.
Later, when I woke up somewhat, as she slept peacefully, I withdrew my ravaged and reddish cock from her, dried it with my handkerchief, got up, put on my clothes and left. She never moved.
Later that day, she called and whispered to me, “I’m having another party tonight. You coming?”
“Wouldn’t miss it for anything/” I chuckled.
“What are you doing with the kids?” I asked.
“I’ll take them over to my moms.”
“OK!” I grunted.
She sighed and hung up the phone.
Write me inarut juno inarut juno

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