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By Spanking Monkey - Jun 28, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 59208 It all started about a year and a half ago on my 40th birthday, It was Friday night and I was going out to celebrate at the local tavern. My 18yr old daughter was visiting for the weekend. Her mother and I are divorced so we only see each other on occasional weekends. And since I was going out Rachael ask if she could have a couple of her friends stay over, I ask her who, and she said, Autumn and Lisa, both are nice girls so I figured what the hell, gave her some money and a hug and took off to the bar.
After quite a few hours in the bar, playing pool and look-in’ for pussy, SHIT hit the fan. In walks the ex, Jackie, drunk off her ass, she starts bitching about how I should be home with our daughter instead of this fucking bar. I remind her it’s my B-Day, she said she knew that and wanted to ruin my night. Not wanting to make a scene I lead her outside to finish her little rant. We went over to my truck to talk, or so I thought, as soon as we had the doors shut she’s grabbing at my dick. After all, that’s why she said she married me; I was blessed with a 10” cock. Well being in a dimly lit parking lot at 1AM I figured what the hell. She gets my cock out and starts giving me one hell of a blowjob, she calls it the “toe curler”. And I have to admit, that woman can suck cock. After about ten minutes of this, I can’t take it anymore, I have to fuck her, so I open her door and we get out on the passenger side of my ride, even before I’m out she’s got her pants down to her ankles, stepping out of them. She grabs me by the belt and starts fumbling with it, I rip my pants off and she’s back on my cock, continuing where she left off. So then it’s time for her top to come off and let me tell you, them are the best set of 36DD’s I have ever had the pleasure of titty fucking. Anyway I bend her over the seat and start to munch on that sweet trimmed cunt of hers. After about 10 minutes of lathering her up, I had to stick my dick in her. I rubbed the head of my dick on her clit a few times and she went nuts. Slowly I inserted about an inch so she could get use to my size, then all of a sudden she slammed back into me, taking all of me in one stroke, she let out a grunt that I swear everyone inside the bar could hear.
Well I’m pounding away on her pussy for awhile; she’s a real screamer. The dirty bitch starts screaming fuck my pussy, fuuuucckk mmeee haaarrdddeeerr. So then I start thumbing her ass (she’s never let me fuck her in the ass). What the hell and took aim on her virgin ass, she’s bent over my seat and can’t do anything. I stick my dick at the entrance and push. She starts saying no, I tell her “take it like the whore you are” and I just sink about half into her, again she says no and I slam her ass hard all the way in and just start grudge fucking her, repeatedly long stroking her ass. Tears fill her eyes, and she starts to cry, just then I dump a few squirts deep in her ass, then I pull out and shove it in her cunt, and again she grunts, and shouts “FUCK MY ACHING CUNT”. Well we finish up and I ask her if she wants to spend the night. No is all she said, and waked away. Now it’s about 2:30AM, I head back into the bar for last call, one for now and one to go. Closing time, so I head home,
I get home and the lights are on in the family room, girls are still up. Its summer and school is out, so I told them not to be up all night. I could hear the music down there, and yelled down to them, good night. Upstairs I went, smoked a joint, took a shower, and off to bed.
Being a sound sleeper, a bomb could go off and I wouldn’t hear it. Suddenly I feel hands around my cock, am I dreaming? I realize I can’t move and I wake up. Now I don’t know if it was the pot or the beer but my head was buzzing and my dick started to stir. I’m tied to the bed, spread eagle and my daughter and her friends were shaving me. WHAT THE FUCK I yelled. And autumn tells me shut up and enjoy it, a 18yr old telling me this. Then they all drop their robes and I notice that they were all shaved bald. I asked Rachael what she was doing. She looked at me with them big blue eyes and said, were going to play a game and you should just enjoy it. The other girls giggled. Now my daughter at 5’6” and 118lbs is well endowed like her mother, curvy hips, 36D’s and a body most men would die for.
Autumn, also 18, is a blonde knockout, nice 34C’s and an ass to go with it.
Lisa, the oldest at 19, is a tall lanky girl with small breast, but the lips on her pussy were so inviting, I thought. My cock and balls are now shaved bald like the girls.
Then Rachael puts in a DVD in the player in my room. What was this? She pressed play, and what comes on but the three of them in all there naked glory. They filmed themselves shaving each other. Then out comes the toys. They all took turns fucking each other, licking each others pussies. Just one big pussy licking session, I can’t believe my eyes. That is my daughter doing these things, and I’m getting hard just watching the three of them going at it.
All the while this is going on Autumn and Lisa are both stroking my pole, Rachael staring at my engorged dick. Dad, she yells, “Oh my god what a big dick”. The girls all look at each other and say, well who’s first? Lisa gets up and stands over me and rubs and pulls her pussy lips apart exposing her pink insides. She grabs my dick and slowly lowers herself on the tip of my dick, rubbing her clit on it; back and fourth she grinds her pussy against me, getting wetter and wetter. Then she lines the head of my dick with the opening of her cunt and starts slowly sliding down my length about an inch, then two, three. I’m trying to thrust up and she pulls away, not yet you don’t. She then gets up and plants her pussy on my face, god she was wet. She ground that pussy in my face, and I licked and probed that young pussy with my tongue for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile Autumn has now sat on my dick and was fucking me like a pro, taking all my 10”. Rachael now wanting to get in the action got between my legs and started licking my balls and Autumns pussy, damn I was in heaven, again.
Autumn eased off my dick, went somewhere to get some lube. Rachael now holding my dick in both her hands and looks right into my eyes and kisses the head and starts licking from my balls to the head of my cock then tries to deep throat me, gagging a little but still a trooper, I couldn’t believe my eyes, my daughter, sucking my cock. Lisa is now licking my daughters’ pussy. Autumn comes back with an 18” double dong and a bottle of WET lubricant in hand. She covered my dick with lube, and placed the bottle in her tight ass and squeezed, filling her ass with lube, saying she was going to need it. She wanted to get ASSFUCKED, and fucked now! I could see Rachael and Lisa grab the lube and the dong and start going at it. I couldn’t fucking believe my eyes, my little girl was now a full fledged sex maniac.
Now let me remind you, I’m still tied to the bed, Autumn again stands over me, rubbing her bald pussy and staring at my prick. Then tells me she’s going to ride my cock for all she’s worth. I tell her to climb aboard, with that she lowers her ass on my cock, easing my 21/2” girth into her ass. Slowly she goes down my pole, inch by inch. About 3 inches in, she stops. Tells me she has to get use to the size, after a couple of minutes of riding about half of my length she slammed her ass down hard on my cock, then suddenly I’m balls deep in her ass, all 10” of me. Damn what a nice tight ass I tell her, she gave me a little wink and just gets into riding me. At 18 you wouldn’t think she could be that damn good at anal. She rode me for about fifteen minutes until I told her I couldn’t take it anymore and had to cum, she stopped and started flexing her ass around my soon to erupt member, I Damn near went out of my mind. Then I flooded her ass with what seemed like a gallon of cum.
After a few minutes or so Rachael and Lisa now move up and start licking my dick back to life, I didn’t think it was going to be possible. But sure enough after a few minutes of them two rubbing and sucking my cock I was hard again, ready for action. As if by instinct Rachael gets up and tells me, now you are going to eat my pussy. She then plants her pussy on my face and starts grinding her young cunt as hard as she could, I couldn’t help but start licking her freshly shaven pussy, I ate her like I have no other, EVER!!!I brought her to two orgasms. She just sat there on my face, letting all her pussy juice drip into my mouth, and to tell the truth, I really enjoyed it. Oh the joys of young pussy. She got off my face, and went and sat across my thighs, starring in my eyes and tells me, now you’re going to fuck me daddy. With that she moves to my cock, grabs me with both hands and starts jacking me off. Now she tries to get my cock in her mouth, that doesn’t work. So she starts licking the underside of my dick, asks me if I’m ready to fuck “my little girl”. My head went funny and my dick throbbed. I told her to take it slow. She said not to worry that they were practicing with the double dong earlier. With that she grabbed me by the shaft and started rubbing the lips of her pussy with the head of my dick. She lines up and eases on; the shocked look in her eyes told me that she wasn’t expecting that much cock. But she kept at it until she had about 8” in, and said her pussy was too small. Then I told her that her mother and I didn’t raise a quitter. And I’ll be damned if she didn’t get another inch in, all I could say was “good girl” and that I loved her. So she starts riding me like she’s riding a bull, and I’m thrusting up into her as hard as I can. This goes on for quite some time until I feel my balls start to swell, and I tell I have to cum, she just smiles and says “FILL ME UP DADDY”. A few more strokes, and I was shooting my load deep in my daughters freshly shaven pussy. Then she started shaking with an immense orgasm, and flooded my balls with more of her sweet honey nectar. We were in our glory. She lay on top of me for 30 minutes with my softening cock still inside, nobody saying a word.
It’s now 8:00AM and the girls finally untie me, we all get into bed and start stroking and caressing each other, talking about what had just happened. I fire up the steam room so we can all get cleaned up. Well I fucked all three girls again, but on my terms this time but that’s another story.
My 40th birthday is one I will never forget, several great things happened.
I grudge fucked my ex-wife, now she comes buy about once a month for her “treatment” of me long dicking her.
Had sex with my daughter and her two girlfriends, which still continues to this day with even more of their friends. Which all of them are shaved by me of course. I think word got out about my cock.
I’m getting more pussy than I ever did in my life. And I have my daughter to thank for that.

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