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Training The Teenager

Training the Teenager

By nobody - Mar 22, 2008 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 39756 Ashley was a senior at high school, and considered one of the really cool guys. He was tall, tanned, sandy-haired and good looking, and he had fun making all the freshmen girls follow him and praise him like a god.
He met a new freshmen girl on the first day back at school in second term, and her locker had been put next to his. She was tall, skinny (but not anorexic-skinny), a bit curvy and she had a nice pair of tits for a freshman. She had long dark hair and she was wearing just some plain jeans and a bright pink top that really complimented her figure.
Ashely introduced himself and the girl replied saying sweetly, "Hi, I'm Jasmine."
Weeks passed and Ashley noticed that Jasmine didnt care if he was hot and popular, and she didnt follow him around like the other girls or wish that he'd notice them like the weird ones. She was confident, smart and funny. Ashley liked that.
They became really good friends, and started hanging out n weekends. Jasmine was into bmxing and Ashley had his skateboard so they went down the park and had some fun. Usually afterwards Ashley would have Jasmine over for some snacks or something.
One day, when Ashley's parents were both at work, Jasmine brought up a topic that they hadnt really talked about much.
"Ash, " she said shyly, "Have you had sex before?"
Ashley was suprised at the question but he said "yeah"
Ashley smiled. "Oh no, girl, you gotta tell me whats goin on now."
Jasmine smiled. She was hesitant which was weird for her. "Well this boy im going out with asked me if i wanted to have sex with him, and i said id think about it."
"coz your afraid?" asked Ashley
Jasmine looked at her hands in her lap.
"oooh, " said Ashley, in sudden realisation, "You dont know how!"
"Yeah, " said jasmine, "i wanna but im afraid i'll fully screw it up by being stupid and i looked on the internet for help but its about as much help as a apple"
Ashley laughed and said "well i can teach you how."
"yep. you just gotta let me have sex with you."
Jasmine smiled wide. "i knew i could count on you!' and she hugged Ashley tightly.
ashley said "alright, girl. first there's the foreplay."
he came in closer to ashely and ran his hand over her hair. he had never thought about having sex with her before even though he though she was hot.
he drew her lips towards his and kissed her. she knew how to kiss; she pushed her tongue into his mouth and they tasted each other for a while. "now it gets a bit more serious" explained ashley cheekily.
ashley slowly began unbuttoning jasmines shirt and she let him, and when he had finished he let her rip off his own shirt which had no buttons. she ran a delicate hand over his tanned musular body and then ashley kissed her neck and her collarbone, driving shudders from her body. his arms crept around the back of her body and unhooked her bra. it fell loose, and as he kissed her ashley fondled her well developed breasts. she sighed, and put her arms around the back of his neck. a small gasp came from jasmine when ashley tweaked her nipple, and then his mouth kissed some little spots, working its way towards her nipples, which were still more pink than red.
he put his mouth on one and brought forth gasping and moaning from jasmine. he smiled as he continued kissing, licking, sucking and occaisionally biting her young nipples which were now hard as rock. he did the same routine with the other.
jasmine had now kicked off her shoes and ashley copied her, also pulling off his socks. he worked kisses down her stomach and then said 'may i enter?"
jasmine smiled and said "go for it buddy." ashley was suprised and not sure whether jasmine was a virgin or not.
he pulled her short shorts off slowly and revealed some bright purple panties which he sniffed at. jasmine's sex smell was strong, but ashley grinned as he thought well girl you arent as ready as you smell
he slipped her panties off gently, then said suavely "its polite to please the ladies first." her cunt was moist and shaven, and ashley liked it that way. he complimented jasmine briefly, and then he kissed the lips of her vagina, and breathed into her. she shivered, and put a hand through his hair. he began to lick around the outside of her sex, and slurped up any leaking juices. then ashley began licking inside, and jasmine's body jumped violently and she grabbed a handful of his hair. he continued licking her clean, her body shuddering and jolting, her breathing ragged as she neared orgasm.
"ash..." she moaned, and then ashley drove his tongue in as far as it would go, stroking her clit and holding her hips as jasmine convulsed with pleasure. she was in bliss, at her climax, and then it all came crashing out, her juices flowing into ashley's mouth as he licked it all out.
she giggled as he kissed her on the mouth, and said "tell me if this boy can beat that." jasmine tasted her own juices, and replied "will do."
then ashley took off his own pants and boxers, and stood with his hard-on in front of jasmine. his dick was a good 8 1/2 maybe 9 inches, and he said "blowjob lesson time."
jasmine looked a bit afraid, but she smiled all the same. ashley talked her thru it first and then he said "lets get down to business."
jasmine knelt down and her light hands caressed ashley's dick and he moaned deeply. she kissed the edge of his dick, tasting his precum, and then began to suck.
ashley then had more doubts about her virginity as she was a pro blower. her tongue ran beautifully along his prick and she ocould nearly swallow the whole thing. he didnt have to give her many tips as she sucked on his dick and played with his balls, making ashley come to a roaring climax, shooting his load into her mouth. jasmine tried to take it all but some flowed out onto the floor.
ashley sighed. "you sure you aint done this before?"
jasmine nodded. "nows time for some real sex then, " grinned ashley, and he explained all about the positions while jasmine stroked his half hard dick back to full power.
he laid her on her back on the couch, and he stroked her pulsing vagina first with his dick. she trembled and giggled, and when he stuck the head in she gasped.
ashley put two hands on her hips and gently slid his way into her throbbing cunt, and she grasped the pillows next to her, clenching with all her strength as ashley drove deeper and harder with every thrust.
jasmine began to rock her hips in time with ashley's thrusts and ashley said "damn girl your a natural" as she moaned, coming close to climax.
ashley was now slamming his whole dick into her, recieving moans and squeals from jasmine. her body rocked almost off the couch as ashley groaned and growled and finally roared as he shot his load into her, bringing her into orgasm as well. jasmine was funny when she orgasmed. she squealed and screamed as her cunt released her precious juice.
then ashley slumped back on the couch and jasmine caught her breath briefly and said "now what?"
ashley smirked. "now im your bmx bike, babe"
jasmine took the hint and crawled up onto ashley, kissing his dick a few times before positioning herself on top of him and sliding down slowly. ashley placed his hands on her hips and helped her up and down, and she began rocking and rolling her hips around as she rode ashley. she liked being in control. her years of bmxing had given her a nice butt, and she leaned forward as she continued riding him faster and faster. she was grinding against him now, and ashley didnt try to thrust into her. she was happy to do all the work. he pulled her closer with his hands and then put one hand on her back just above her ass and the other he used to tweak and rub her nipples.
jasmine screamed again and ashley yelled as they came to an animalistic climax.
ashley smiled as they lay panting on the couch. "doggy style next time, hey girl?"

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