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The Lap Dancers Sex Story

The Lap Dancers Sex Story

By - Oct 1, 2007 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 16116 They met at the gentleman's club. A fancy name for a run down dive in the sticks, no booze, overpriced soft drinks and juices, but nude dancers pranced in the stage in return for singles and fives placed between their legs or tits. For an extra twenty bucks a patron could go behind a screen where there was a ratty couch and one of the girls would dance in his lap. Well not dance exactly, more of sit there and wiggle and allow his hands to wander over her body. Perhaps a kiss or two and a very lucky few received a few strokes from her hand on their rigid cocks through the fabric of their pants. Never more than that but it would be a lie to suggest that there were not sometimes arrangements made for more later. The cheap motel down the road was not adverse to short term room rentals and if the money was green there was no reason to sign the guest log. He was different than most of the patrons of the joint. Instead of a dirty tee and jeans he wore a suit. A few may have thought about hassling one so clearly out of place but there was something about him that gave them pause. Maybe it was the way he moved or the fact that his suit was pulled just a little too tight over his shoulders but he was not bothered as he sat right next to the stage dispensing just a bit more than his share of greenbacks to each dancer. His tips and the fact that he was the only thing in the dump with any class soon had the dancers paying attention to him to the point where he needed to gently herd them away. Whatever dislike the other men there might have had for him was deflected as they realized he was not trying to hog the broads in the vernacular of the locals. After he had seen all the talent working that night he chose one for a lap dance. And for a surprise he did not pick the prettiest one nor the best dancer nor the one with the nicest tits. Instead he picked Sue. Now she was not what you would call ugly but she was just past her prime and the realization that she was starting the long slide down the backside of the hill showed. She was still proud of her body and danced well but the wrinkles were beginning to show and some of the moves were not as smooth as they once were. Her once proud and firm tits were starting to droop but she was still worth looking at even if she wasn't the pick of the litter any more. The two went behind the screen and as she bumped and ground on his lap they made plans. He left soon after but for some reason Sue spent the rest of the night somewhat distracted and excited. The next night she was still in that condition but even direct questions from the other dancers failed to get her to open up about why. She stayed late that night and was the last to leave after the owner locked up. He noticed her standing under the old oak by the road but years of dealing with dancers and all their weird behaviors had taught him to just ignore it so he left. His old truck was just around the corner when the black limo pulled up. The driver got out and asked if she was indeed Sue and upon being reassured she was opened the back door for her and advised her to help herself to anything she found there. She was a little disappointed she was alone as she had hoped he would be in the car to greet her but she figured he was a busy man and would meet her wherever the driver was taking her. With the tinted windows and the soft lighting she could see nothing outside as they drove so she explored the contents of the bar. Good stuff, better that she was used to, top shelf in fact. She sat back and savored three fingers of the finest brandy she had ever tasted and wondered just how long the trip would take. She never found out because she passed out from the drugs in that oh so fine brandy and when she awoke she was laying on a big round bed blinking at the sunshine pouring in the window. She was still dressed in her street clothes, tee shirt and old jeans, panties and bra. She rarely went braless except at work, she needed to postpone the drooping of her assets as long as possible and besides her tits hurt after hours of bouncing and being groped and the support of the bra felt good. Her shoes and bag were on the table next to the bed and as far as she could tell both herself and her things were still safe and untouched. By the time she had found the powder room and checked to see if her money and things were really ok [as if whoever owned this place would be interested in stealing her measly eighty six bucks] there was a knock on the door. At her spoken answer the door opened and he was standing there. He looked even better in the good light and in his tennis shirt and white shorts. She almost felt weak as she admired his body, no wonder none of the losers at the club wanted to hassle him, he was built. And not only his muscles as there was a very large and quite promising bulge in those shorts. "Good morning sleepyhead, did you have a nice nap? I'm so glad I hadn't planned anything for last night with you. You must really like my brandy although I can't say as I blame you, its quite good. Do you need an aspirin or a bit of the hair of the dog before we start the day?" Besides feeling just a bit off balance she was fine but wished for a bath and asked him if it was possible. "Nothing easier my dear. You just turned the wrong way when you got up. That door over there leads to a very nice bathing room and I'm sure you will find everything you might wish for there. Enjoy it and when you are done just turn right from your door and follow your nose to the terrace. Breakfast will be waiting. You do eat breakfast, do you not? Of course you do. Well enjoy your bath and don't hurry, we have all day." As she soaked in a tub that was just a little too small to swim laps in she wondered about her passing out last night. Certainly it was not the first time she had drunk too much but always before she remembered something. Last night all she remembered was getting in the limo and then nothing until morning. And where was the awful hangover she had always suffered through every other time she got plastered. Then again she had never gotten blitzed on fine brandy before, maybe that was it. After her bath she was loathe to crawl back into her old things but there on a bench was a full outfit with a note telling her it was there for her. He must have a tailor's eye for sizes she thought as she slipped into the silk blouse and matching shorts. Even the bra was her size. She realized she was wearing a week's earnings worth of clothes and for a second she wondered just what she had to offer in payment. Surely her tired old body was not it unless he had a thing for slightly shopworn dancers. She was only twenty six, how did she get so old so fast? Following both his directions and her nose she soon found the breakfast he had promised and as she ate he asked her about herself. For some reason she was soon telling him things that she had never shared with a living soul before. About her childhood, her parents and what her life had been like. The father who was a drunken sex machine who demanded both she and her mother live naked except for those time when clothing was required. The old house at the end of a dirt road without any others for miles. The open sex in front of her almost from birth. Her father's hands as he inspected her young body. The friends he invited to use his wife's body and the girlfriends he fucked in front of his family. The strange men and packages that showed up at all hours and the sudden trips away while the she and her mother were left alone hoping he would return before they ran out of something they needed. Never being allowed friends. Then the night when she was twelve. He had been gone and she was in bed sleeping. She thought she had heard his voice and some crashing noises, a fight perhaps, her mother's voice pleading, the sounds of raw sex. Experience had taught her to stay in bed and sleep through such things and she had done so. When she awoke in the morning her she had the house to herself. While it was unusual it had happened before so she got ready for the school bus. It was only as she walked past the pond on the way to the road did she find her mother. Floating face down in the muddy water, a collection of empty beer cans on the shore and marks where she had slipped in the mud. She was still standing there when the bus arrived. A frantic call on the bus's two way radio summoned the police and an ambulance but before they arrived her father came home. His questions to her told her not to mention anything she might have seen or heard in the night. She told the cops she had gone to bed late and her mother had been drinking most of the evening. Her father told of his wife's binge drinking and of his trip away for the night. In the end it was decided she had gotten drunk and had gone out to stand and drink some more by the pond and in her drunken state had simply slipped in and drowned. Sue never looked at her father the same again for deep down she was sure he had killed her mother. A week later she was woken up by him climbing into bed with her. She knew at once he was going to demand she take her dead mother's place as his sex toy. Deaf to her pleading and cries he pawed her small breasts as she whimpered. Her cries were blocked by his probing tongue as first his rough fingers and then his hard cock probed her virgin pussy. The loss of her virginity was a painful hurtful horror that lasted until the gray light of dawn. By then she had no virginity left anyplace. He staggered off to bed leaving her lying on sheets stained and fouled by her blood. That and by the shit and piss that was the result of her losing control during the awful night. She laid there for hours before forcing herself to rise. She staggered to the bathroom and after puking her guts managed to wash herself. That night was the start of her new life as a sex slave. No act was beyond her father up to and including sharing her with his friends. Some times she was so sore she could barely walk. By fourteen she was knocked up. Her belly was just starting to swell and she could feel the first movements inside her when one Friday afternoon she got off the bus to find her dad waiting with three other men. She was taken out back and brutally gang raped until morning. The week end was a fog of pain and sex. She had what seemed like gallons of cum pumped into and onto her body before the men handed him a wad of cash and left on Sunday afternoon. The night she awoke to such pain as she had never known. Her guts were burning and she was bleeding heavily from her abused pussy. It was the blood that convinced him she was in need of help and he had taken her to the hospital. Once there she was rushed into surgery. In the morning she was no longer pregnant and she would never be able to have children. Her uterus had ruptured and it had to be removed along with her baby. There was some kind of investigation but a knocked up trash teen was not high on anybody's list of things to worry about so the story about some hitchhiking teen spending the night and being the father was accepted with relief by everyone. For two more years she lived as his slave, forced to perform acts that even an old whore would find repulsive. Then one night the cops came to her door. There had been an accident, her dad was dead. Drink, speed, and a large maple tree had freed her from her captivity. For the second time in four years she attended a funeral for a parent. This time she cried from relief and not sorrow. There was not much of an estate and the couple that took her in as a foster child soon wasted it on things that were supposed to be for her but that she never saw. Then one night he crawled into her bed. She managed to fight him off and by morning she had packed her few things and was gone. From then on she had lived on her own. Supporting herself dancing. Well developed and pretty and able to pass for older most club owners were only too happy to have her dance for them. She hated the horizontal interviews but accepted them as the price on getting hired. She refused to sleep with any patrons however. She was making good money and figured soon she'd have enough to quit dancing and go back to school and get a real job and try to have the life she'd always wanted. Then she met Sam, tall and charming he was her prince on a white charger. Before long she moved in with him and they made plans. But somehow things just seemed to happen that forced them to wait just a little longer before everything would change. He worked a lot of jobs but for some reason he never seemed to stay at any of them very long. The work was too dangerous or the boss's kid hated him or whatever. Although she wanted to quit dancing they always seemed to need the money. Then one night a car took down a pole and the club was blacked out. Instead of getting home at three am she got there a little after eight. Inside she found Sam in bed with two cheerleader types. On her dresser there were lines of coke on a mirror. Once more she was running into the night, broke and friendless. From there she worked a secession of clubs but too soon each one was just a little bit worse than the last until she ended up at the one where they met. She knew she was getting close to the bottom and before long she would be selling her body to the drunks for whatever she could get. The end of the road was getting nearer than she liked but she could see no turnoffs. So she was here and wondering just what she had gotten herself into. "That's quite a story girl. Bad luck seems to like you but you keep trying, I like that and I respect you for it. Anyway here's the deal. I want you to stay here and work for me for at least a year. There'll be a trial and training period before the year really starts. I need you to get back in shape and to learn my wishes and ways and wants but I pay well. "At the end of the year I will pay you fifty thousand dollars, half in cash, half in goods. It will break down like this, twenty five in a checking account in your name in the bank of your choice, a fifteen thousand dollar car of your choice and I will pay all taxes, fees, and one years insurance, seventy five hundred for an apartment, and twenty five hundred worth of clothes plus you keep any you use during the year. "I will also pay for a tutor to get you through the G.E.D. and teach you some job skills and I will use my connections to find you a decent job. In return you will serve me and follow all of my instructions to the letter. And yes there will be sex involved but I will be the only person you will have to have sex with. I have a quite good appetite but I think you will find me a good lover. But not every time. I do enjoy some things that I doubt you'll like but nothing that will leave lasting damage or injury. You will hurt but not be hurt if you get the difference. You will also pose and act out for me. One woman sex shows if you will. "You'll learn proper polite behavior. I wish a lady in the parlor and a wanton whore in the bedroom. The perfect wife in other words. You will have no other duties that filling my wishes. When I ask for something the only acceptable answer will be yes or a request of instructions on how to do it properly. You will be naked most of the time except for a fanny pack containing such things as I require and a radio. You will be on call 24/7 but when I do not require you the time is your own. "You may make use of anything in the house or on the grounds except for those things and places that are locked. I have workrooms and collections that you have no need to enter or see and they need not concern you. There is a pool , sauna, spa, gym, lots of CDs and music, movies, a sat dish, and books. You will not have contact with the outside world without clearing it with me but there is really nobody you need to talk to anyway. "I will arrange to recover your things from your room for you and they will be kept here. Now I have some things to do so why don't look around and check things out and think about it? I would advise you to stay fairly close to the house and buildings and avoid going too far into the woods however, there is a pack of rather nasty wild dogs in the area and you wouldn't want to run into them. I've shot a few and they have learned to stay away from the house so it is safe outside. I'll see you later, help yourself to anything you find in the kitchen for lunch and we'll talk at dinner. By the way my name is Nick." She spent the day exploring and soon realized he had to be rich beyond her dreams. There was indoor and outdoor pools with huge spas and piles of thick fluffy towels. The sauna had a big TV and piped in music with soft benches. The grounds were park like. There were several buildings hidden in the woods. Most held nothing to interest her while the largest was locked. Just past it was a clearing in the woods that reminded her of Stonehenge. Not that where were big rocks but there were smaller ones and stone benches in a similar pattern. A very pretty spot that nevertheless sent chills down her back. Returning to the house she found the gym and the theater. The kitchen exploration reviled more good food than she had ever seen, no wonder the gym was professional grade. Looking out the windows of rooms next some of the locked ones she noticed that there was always a lounge or hammock and a few odd posts sticking up. Almost like long dildos that were just about the right size and height for a woman to straddle and fuck herself on. One or two had things that looked like the saddle racks she had seen at the stable next to one of the clubs she used to dance at. She found about a half dozen doors locked to her scattered around the house, house hell the place was a mansion. She found herself thinking about his offer. She doubted there were too many sex acts she hadn't performed for her father so unless the guy was a killer she should be able to endure whatever he threw at her. After the year if he held up his end of the deal she would for the first time in her life have a real shot at a better life. The G.E.D. and his connections would open doors that always before were locked to her. The car, money and apartment represented the support and freedom of action that had been missing before. She had known a lot of freaks and bastards in her life and had a pretty good alarm system about them. Nick didn't set off any of her alarm bells, hell if he meant her any lasting harm she was already at his mercy and under his com complete control anyway. Keep your eyes on the prize and remember its only for a year or so and you can get through anything she thought to herself as she realized she had already accepted his offer. At dinner she gave him her acceptance of his offer and signed a contract with him. She supposed she should have read it but it was in legalese so she trusted him. Hell she was trusting him with her life, this place was so remote she couldn't hear anything but birds and wind, she didn't know his name, and nobody knew where she was. "Now that you work for me we will start the trial period. Remove your clothes and get the fanny pack over there. In it you will find a bottle of sex lube, a couple of vibrators and dildos, and a two way radio. I may add to its contents from time to time but you will have it on or near you at all times. "You will spend at least two hours a day working out in the gym and I mean a good honest workout that leaves you tired and sore. I want and you need to be in shape. You will eat what you are offered but I think you will find the food better than you are used to even if it is different. You will take several pills each day and drink some teas that I will give you. They will not harm you, think of them as health supplements and I think you may like what they will do for you. "When you leave here I promise you will be a new woman and will feel years younger. You may feel free to just leave laundry and dishes around and there in no reason for you to worry about dirtying anything or leaving a mess, I have a very efficient staff although you may never see them. Your only job in to please me. "Tonight I want you to go to the gym and at the back there is a door you didn't see. Go in and you will find a large room devoted to sex. Spent some time and learn where things are, adjust as much of the equipment to fit you as you can figure out how to. See what's there and think about what interests you and what does not. For the next few days I want you to spent most of your time in either the gym working out or in the sex room getting used to what is there. "Of course you may use the spas to help relax you from your workouts as you need to. Just don't over do at first. Lots of slow easy things but move around and do different stuff. I don't want you to pull anything and put yourself out of action. You're a dancer and should know how to work out but there are some sheets of suggested workout routines in the gym so maybe you might want just follow one of the preplanned workouts. Same thing in the sex room, take it easy and don't get carried away, a couple of those fucking machines will get to you without you noticing until too late. Now I do have some things to do." Before he left she managed to ask him the one thing that had been bothering her, why her? "Two reasons really, one you look like somebody I used to know and two I made my money by finding things others thought of as worthless and salvaging them. Now I do it for a hobby. If I can help someone like you and have some fun along the way why not? You will work harder that you ever have before and you will earn your redemption with blood, sweat, and tears so when you have it you can be proud of the fact that you earned it the hard way. "I meant it when I said you would not leave here as the woman you are today. Unless you screw up the world will no longer shit on you at will. You won't have to dance and let slobs paw you. You will be set forever. Now I really have to get going. I'll see you tomorrow or the next day." She found the sex room and was shocked by its size and what was there. She'd been in sex shops with less stock. There was a lot of BDSM equipment and toys as well as sex chairs and swings. More dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and other toys than she had ever seem. Another of the saddle racks and several of the floor mounted dildos were there as well. Floor mats and some kind of electronic equipment she could not identify as well as hoses and floor drains were scattered around. God, fifty people could have an orgy in there without crowding or having to wait for something to use. The only thing that bothered her was the gallows and the garrote post. She hoped they were not for real use although she could see some people getting off playing with them. And the guillotine had to be fake even though it looked fully functional. She spent several hours just exploring the room and its contents before returning to her bed. Her sleep was bothered by dreams she could not remember but she awoke refreshed to find breakfast waiting on her night stand. Food and pills that she could not identify but that was tasty and left her feeling good and ready to face the world. A good hard workout left her ready for the spa before returning to the sex room. She needed to ask if she could wear a sports bra and shorts for her workouts though. Her tits hurt from the bouncing and she was a bit chafed from the bike but other than that it felt good to move and use her body. And she was in better shape that she thought she was. Almost three hours in the gym and she could still walk. A light workout tonight to keep herself from stiffing up should make it a good day. Once back in the sex room she spent some time actually sitting in and on a lot of the equipment. Most fit her rather well although the bike needed some adjustment. Instead of turning a wheel the pedals moved a dildo up and down in the seat. Ride and fuck at the same time. She played with it for a while and found herself responding to it to the point where she had a small orgasm. Kind of surprised her, she had not had one from having something stuck in her for a long time. Usually the only way she could cum was by playing with her clit or being eaten and since she rarely had anyone to eat her she was left with her trusty vibrators or fingers. Besides she was normally too stressed out and tired to bother trying so a orgasm was a fairly rare thing for her. Maybe it was a good sign. She found the fucking machines he had mentioned too. One was a upholstered half drum with three shafts that various dildos could be mounted on. The control box was clearly labeled and she soon figured it all out. By pushing the right buttons she could control the speed, angle, and depth of the stroke of each shaft independently and could add vibrations to the whole thing. The third shaft puzzled her at first then she realized it was meant to work her clit. She could ride it like a horse or it could be turned on its end and bolted to the floor so she could lay on her back while it worked. Nice toy. She tried it out and was rewarded with one hell of an orgasm. She never wanted to get off the thing but remembering his warning about taking it easy she decided not to get greedy. The other machine was a collection of rods and machinery that baffled her. It looked like it was meant to be used lying down but she decided to let him explain it to her. She did just have to try the rubber man though. A life sized and very real looking and feeling male doll sporting a rather large rigid cock it looked like fun. Once more it was easy to find the controls. A few simple buttons controlled the twitching and vibrating of the cock and the red one sent a stream of very real looking cum spurting up into the air. It was even warm to the touch. Her pussy was still wet from the big O the machine caused so she was able to jump on and ride um cowgirl. She was soon bouncing up and down like a crazy lady as the twitching vibrating phallus drove her wild. Somehow she remembered to push the red button as her climax washed over her and the resulting hot spray striking her insides just blew her away. Deciding enough was enough she staggered off to the shower and the spa. A late lunch and a short nap before another workout in the gym com completed her day. He did not join her for dinner but there was soft music playing and there was a note on the table reminding her not to overdo and apologizing for not telling her to dress for those parts of her workout where might be necessary to do so. Once more there were pills and a cup of strange tea to go along with a dinner of things she could not name but were very good. There was just enough food to satisfy her without making her feel stuffed. Tired and content she went to bed early thinking that so far she was pleased with the deal but knowing the blood, sweat, and tears were coming someday and vowing to be ready and able to last the year no matter what was required of her. The next day went much the same until just after lunch when her radio beeped. She received orders to go outside and on the south side of the house she would find things she would need as well as written instructions. What she found was a lounge chair, a few large dildos, a jar of some kind of greasy lube that smell mediciny, and one of the dildo stakes mounted nearby. She looked at the windows nearby trying to see if he was watching but the silvery coatings prevented her from seeing anything. Following the instructions in the note she smeared a handful of the grease on and in both her pussy and asshole and then inserted a large butt plug and matching dildo before laying back on the lounge to masturbate. Whatever the lube was it had a definite affect on her. There was a period of an icy hot feeling that was just short of painful and then there was a need just fuck herself as much as she could. Before long she had withdrawn the butt plug and has swapped it for another large dildo and was franticly plunging both in and out of her holes as she writhed in passion so intense it bordered on pain. Then just before she exploded in what promised to be the biggest orgasm in her life the radio beeped and she was ordered to freeze. Only by a supreme act of will did she manage to pull herself back from the oh so tempting release and just lay there shuddering in frustrated longing. She was then ordered to stand and to impale herself on the nearby stake. She had to stand in tiptoe to get over the top of it and as she slid down and it filled her all the denied passion boiled back to the surface. But once more the voice on the radio demanded her to stand quietly. She was shocked to feel the thing grow and rise in her until it was just short of lifting her off the ground and she was forced to stand on tiptoe once more to relive the pain and pressure as the rounded point pushed against her insides. Before long the icy burning returned and her calves and thighs were on fire from the effort required to keep herself from being speared by the stake. And the denied climax was still churning her guts demanding release. Then just as she was running through her last reserves of strength and willpower, shaking and knowing that any second she would collapse the thing returned to its original size and she was released. She fell to the grass as her body failed to support itself and even as she lay exhausted she still was consumed by the need to release the pent up orgasm burning in her. But as her hands began to move toward her crotch the radio demanded her to stop and return to the sex room. Hoping desperately to be allowed to release the sexual need boiling inside her she almost ran to the sex room. Once there she found Nick standing in the middle of it and wearing a loose robe of raw silk. There was a large bulge tenting the front of the robe and she fixed her eyes in it like a drug addict would on his next fix. A visceral need so deep she would kill to feel that prick sliding into her. Following unspoken instructions she walked to him and knelt as his feet, a petitioner begging for a boon from her lord and master, begging without words for release from what was rapidly becoming a preview of hell. He opened his robe and for the first time she saw his manhood. It was huge. Ten or twelve inches long and too thick for her fingers to reach around she feared it and wanted it at the same time. It might rip her apart but the release would be worth the price. But she was not allowed to use it for her own pleasure. Instead she found herself with it filling her mouth, spreading her jaws and filling her throat until she could not breathe. Gagging her as he slid it in and out. Just as her vision began to fade from the lack of air he pulled it out and allowed her to catch her breath. The whole thing was repeated over and over before he stopped. Her jaws ached and the need to climax still churned inside her. He laid her back on the floor and just for a second she thought at last he was going to fuck her, pound her until she could explode and release the orgasm she needed so badly. But it was not to be, instead he greased her tits and slid his cock between them. Her whole body shook as he fucked her rack. Then just as she felt he must spasm he stopped and forced the greasy pole into her mouth. The taste was awful as he rammed deep down her throat before the massive prick spewed forth what seemed like gallons of thick cock juice. She swallowed as fast as she could but she felt like she would drown before he withdrew. He was still spurting as he pulled out and her face was splattered. The thick white fluid dripped down to her tits and dripped off her chin. Knowing most men wanted to be licked clean she did so as well as using her fingers to mop it off herself before licking them clean as well. When she was done she sat back on her heels and pleaded with her eyes for permission to satisfy herself or for him to do it for her. It was denied. She had been denied climaxes before and always the need had soon receded to just an empty feeling of loss that passed. This time the need kept increasing until it was the most important thing in her world. She would happily die if the last thing she felt was the climax she wanted. He led her over to a padded sawhorse and bent her over it. After securing her wrists and ankles to the legs of it he fingered her cunt just enough to have her screaming and begging for more. With her head down of the one side of the horse she had no warning when the first blow of the whip landed. Then a second and a third. Moving up and down her legs and ass until she was screaming in agony. Then he changed the angle of attack. A river of acid washed her as the whip cut her asshole and raging cunt. Six times he slashed the two holes and the tender flesh around them before he stopped. Sue was left beyond screaming. No sounds could convey the combination of agony and sexual need that ruled her body. She was reduced to begging please, please, please without knowing if she was asking for the pain to stop or for him to just fuck her. She wanted both but the twin needs were joined into one desperate plea. His fingers probed her and her cunt tried to suck them in before they could escape, once again she was left empty. Sobbing in frustration she shook as the disappointment only added to her need. Then she was screaming as the huge meat was rudely jammed into her. It felt like she was being torn in two. God it hurt and she wanted more of it, please don't stop, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, rip me apart, I don't care as long as you fuck me. She cried as he pulled out and then she screamed as he plunged past her tight ass ring to take her in the ass. She knew he was killing her but that was ok as long as that huge dick was in her and moving. Her body tried to find the orgasm it needed but all that happened was she climbed ever higher, she had never though it was possible to hold so much need and passion in one body. He could have burned her arms in a fire and she would not have noticed, not as long as that wonderful, huge, painful prick kept pounding into her body. That was all that counted. Then he withdrew once more leaving her asshole grasping at nothing but wanting everything. He walked around in front of her and lifting her head by the hair asked her what she would do if he would only allow her to find the release she was willing to die for. Anything, anything, beat me, kill me, make me a slave forever, sent me to hell, JUST FUCK ME!! was the answer from her lips and he could see it in her eyes as well. Nodding he returned to her cunt and in seconds she was filled once more. His fucking now was a brutal rape that cared nothing for her comfort, pleasure , or even her safety and life and she loved it. Her screams rose until they cracked like glass leaving her with only grunts and moans to convey the feelings controlling her. Her cunt gripped and sucked him, demanding more of him and he responded. Then it was over, what seemed like gallons of semen flooded her as her orgasm exploded and consumed her in its fires. Her body shook and spasmed, the breath driven from her lungs and the sight from her eyes. Waves of release washed over her as the need finally was satisfied. He collapsed over her back and the two of them lay there while her convulsions subsided and left her unknowing and uncaring. She never felt it when he pulled out and released a flood of their mixed sex fluids to run down her legs and puddle on the floor. She felt only the wonderful emptiness and contentment that followed the explosion of her long denied climax. Knowing nothing outside of her body she was a limp rag as he untied her and moved her to the bed leaving her to recover from the experience. Looking down at her limp and ravaged body he thought to himself that this one will be one hell of a servant. Sue woke up in the morning gasping in pain. Her whole body was sore but it was her pussy and ass that were the worst. She had vague memories of lying in a cum soaked bed and of hands cleaning her and somehow she ended back in her own bed. There was the ever-present tea and pills along with a note telling her to soak away the worst stiffness and get moving as soon as she could in the gym. Knowing it was good advice she did so and was soon moving much better although she fervently hoped he would not demand any sexual performances for her for a day or two. She was too sore to even think about it. Nick must have known she was in no condition for the only demand he made of her was a request for her to sunbathe outside of the same window as yesterdays orgy had started under. She lay in the sun facing the window and just enjoyed the rest although she did think to give him a bit of a show by posing in some sexy positions and flashing him a little spread beaver shot from time to time. The warm sun relaxed her and soothed the sore muscles in her body. She found herself thinking about what he was seeing. She was tall and full figured without being the slightest bit fat, she was just buxom and broad hipped with long shapely legs. Honey blond hair that was cut in a short pageboy was about the only hair on her body except her eyebrows and lashes. In spite of all the cocks and other things that had been thrust in them over the years her pussy and asshole still resembled those of a teenager. Small and tight looking in spite of their ability to accept large items. Her breasts were large and tipped by small pale nipples that were only now starting their descent downward. Her belly was firm and tight with just a slight amount of fullness. Just enough to encourage a hand to slide down the slope to find the treasure at the bottom. From his place in the window he could not see the small but unmistakable signs on a too hard life that showed up close and were the reason she had started the slide downhill as a dancer. As she thought about his watching eyes hidden behind the window she became aware of a tingling in her pussy that surprised her. The thought of being watched like this and by him was getting to her. Most strippers have a streak of exhibitionist in them. Even if it was missing at first the reward of money and comments and praise soon instilled it in them. Showing off earned them good things and it was kind of fun most of the time with a good bunch of guys so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she was enjoying it and was being turned on by it. She wanted him and as she thought of the two of them making love instead of the raw rape that they had shared last night her fingers gently began to play with her clit. Fortunately it had been spared the worst of the ill treatment of yesterday having suffered only a cut or two from the whip and it was already almost recovered from that. As her fingers moved ever faster at strumming and tweaking the tender knob she was rewarded with a spreading pleasure that tingled her tits and warmed her cunt. For some time she was unaware of anything except for her feeling and the knowledge that he was watching. Just after she had shuddered through a very nice quiet climax and had settled down from it the radio beeped with his thanks for a fine show and the offer to meet her for lunch. He showed up nude for the first time since she had known him and she decided she liked the view. He was a rugged mass of masculine flesh that defied any attempt to figure out his age. He looked thirty but his eyes showed too much experience for him to be that young. The best she could come up with was somewhere between forty and fifty but even that was a guess. Even soft and swinging free his cock was larger then most men's were when hard. She felt a quiver of fear and longing pass through her body as she thought of once more entertaining it inside of herself. There was some small talk and he expressed his thanks once more for the show outside and his concern over her condition from last night. Reassuring him as to her basically sound condition except for quite tender holes she tried to find out what his plans for her were. "Well Sue it goes like this, last night will not be the hardest night nor the most painful in the next month. I'd be lying to tell you otherwise. There will be worse and a lot worse but you will get through them. I'm sorry that there isn't a easier way but you just have to gut up and get though it. After your training period you will have to pass a test that will demand everything you are capable of. There is no other way and there is only three possible outcomes, you pass and become my servant if fact for a year and earn your chance at a new life or you fail. "If you fail there may be a chance for you to train another month and try again and there is a small but very real possibility of your death. Now listen to me very carefully, I have trained more women for this test that you would ever guess and I won't allow you to take it unless I think you will pass. You will do fine if you listen to me and work hard. The main thing is endurance, you must endure everything and still function. You cannot panic or surrender to despair, if you do you will fail and may die. "I'm sorry but there is no other way. You will be given a chance to walk away at the last minute but only at the cost of losing all. You have been working hard and if you keep on the same way you will be ready. Today just another light workout and then tomorrow go back to pushing yourself and there will be another bad time in the afternoon but after that we will take some time off and I will spent a while just working on your pleasure. "Think of it as a reward while you are hurting tomorrow. And no I'm not trying to scare you but you must be able to face up to whatever comes at you and still function. You know bad things will be done to you and I've told you death is a very real possibility. You know this and still you must march into the valley of death with a firm stride and with your head held high, anything less will fail. "It might be a good idea to use some of the more extreme things in the sex room, practice enduring instead of looking for pleasure. Use things that are too big and do things that hurt, just be careful not to injure yourself. Same thing in the gym, push until you drop and then go a little farther. I can teach and train but in the end its your own efforts and your own sweat and pain that will allow you to win through to your new life. Also I'm not the one who will test you. I have an old friend that will do it and the final decision is his, pass, fail, or die. Now get that fine ass back to work." Sue did get her fine ass back to work and as she staggered on the treadmill her mind raced through the things she had learned. That death was one thing that could happen did not seem to really bother her, she guessed it was because as a stripper and a soon to be whore she had always kind of figured on dying young. Drugs, booze, suicide, or murder at the hands of a pimp or john or some freak that hunted her down after a dance. She had seen other girls die all those ways and was smart enough to see it somewhere on her downhill road. Her life had always been hell and she had faced it alone. She was no stranger to pain, it had always been with her. To earn a fresh shot at life was worth dying for and a second month of boot camp was even a smaller price to pay. Nick really seemed to care even if it was the caring of a drill instructor and this was something new. The last person who cared if she lived or died was her mother and even she had limits placed on her by her husband and their life style. But at least she had tried. Now Nick was there to push and prod and test her limits. She knew each day would be a test no matter whet he said and she had to pass each one no matter how much she hurt and how hard it was and if she died at least she had given it her best shot. She managed to make it through the rest of the day and the next morning and although she was tired and scared she still managed to walk through the door of the sex room with her head held high and to greet Nick with a smile. He made her kneel on a part of the floor that was made of very rough cement and placed a thick wooden rod behind her knees before telling her to sit back on her heels. Then he set a large heavy block of stone on the tops of her thighs. At once the pain was awful as the wood dug into the muscles and tendons behind her knees and the rough floor pressed into the thin flesh of her legs and the tops of her feet. Then he had her hold her arms out and set a brick in each hand and one on her head. The pain from her legs joined with the pain in her outstretched arms and the headache from the brick until the room vanished behind a blaze of agony. She let one arm droop until she dropped the brick. At once he jabbed a shock prod into her tit and she fell over from the blast of its power. She was pulled up by her hair and the bricks were replaced with heavier ones. When she failed the whole process was repeated except she was shocked on both breasts. With her third failure it was her breasts and her clit and even more bricks. She had no idea how long she endured or of how many times she paid the price for her weakness but finally she could no longer move enough to hold the position or the bricks even though she was shaking with the effort. She was helped up enough to remove the stick and as she tried to stand the return of the blood and feeling to her legs was worse that the torture that had caused it. Before she could collapse in spite of her best efforts he picked her up as easily as he would small child and carried her to the nearest spa and gently set her in the hot swirling waters. Time and one of his teas and a few pills soon had her restored to the point where she could move and eat. The thought of days and days of tortures like this almost overwhelmed her but she remembered his advice to keep her eyes on the prize. She had no idea how pleased he was with her performance. She was a lot tougher that she knew or than he had guessed. She had shown both a deep sexuality and a core of real steel as well a willingness to work hard and suffer for something she thought was worth it. She had fought and screamed and collapsed but never did she quit trying no matter what he did to her both the first day of her real training when he had tested her limits sexually and this afternoon when he had probed her toughness. She was not very hungry but he insisted that she eat a full meal telling her she would need her strength. After the meal they went outside and watched the stars for awhile while soft music played and they shared a bottle of wine. She decided it was nice sitting with her head cradled on his chest and his arm draped protectively over her shoulders. Then just as she was about to doze off he kissed her, lightly at first and then more passionately. She responded fully and before long they were down on the soft grass intertwining their bodies. She knew just how powerful he was but his gentleness surprised her. His mouth and fingers played her like a fine musical instrument and she responded with her own music. Then she felt his lips on her pussy, lips and tongue and fingers. He was magnificent as he treated her to the best oral sex she had ever dreamed of. Her passion did not build but rather spread like oil on water until her whole being was floating at a sea of soft delight. Then he worked his way back up her body and lifted her legs as he rolled unto his side so he could enter her while her legs laid over his hips. His hand gently spread her thighs and guided his rock hard cock into with just enough force to prove to her he was in command and that she should just let him take her to wherever he was planning. Once he was well in her the fingers began to play with her nubbin. Her delight grew as he ever so slowly slid in and out of her. His mouth found a breast as his other hand moved under to play with her ass. She had him in her and on her four ways and she could not have told which was the best. It all joined in a symphony of pleasure that lifted her to heights she had never visited before. Very few times in her life had anybody ever made love to her and never like this. Finally she could stand it no longer. She breathing sped up and heart raced, her head shook from side to side as she called upon God to thank him. He sensed her need and quickened his pace driving deeper into her with each push until they were as close as they could get. His once quiet play with her clit and ass now were more forceful. With perfect timing she climaxed a second ahead of him and his climax lifted her higher and higher until the wave broke and drowned her under its tumbling waters. When she next became aware of anything she could feel him still twitching and adding to the flood of juices leaking from her cunt. They lay together for a long time before he slipped out. The gush of liquid reminded her of a film she had seen once. A woman was fucking a horse and the flood that poured out of her overstretched snatch could not have much bigger that the one he had blessed her with. He had been out for several minutes now and she was still leaking. Finally they moved back into the house to clean up and she felt she needed it. There was cum running down her legs from the fresh gush as she had stood up. He seemed to have other ideas however. Stopping at the first chair he sat her down and knelt to pay homage to her with his mouth and tongue once more. Soft and slow he reminded her of the passionate love that had shared without relighting her fires. When he was done she was just a wet spot without thoughts or bones, nothing but a puddle of pleasured flesh. Once more she awoke in a bed without knowing how she got there. And to her surprise she was not alone. He was spooned with her and his hand was on her breast while his warm breath ruffled her hair. Unwilling to move and break the spell she just lay quietly and enjoyed the feelings. Then the hand on her breast started tracing trails of sparks over its surface while his mouth nibbled on her neck and ear. Before long they were once more coupled. She was ready and short fused and hardly noticed that this time he was firmly planted in her rear hole. Again the perfectly timed spray of hot semen lifted her orgasm and left her shaking with pleasure. The payment for the pleasure was more pain and work and still more pain. The days went by and most of them found her screaming in agony as he pushed her ever harder. She was whipped and crucified and hung from her toes and thumbs. She suffered strappido and impalement. The booger swing taught her new levels of misery. Locked for hours in a cage too small to stand sit or lay and made of bars that dug into her flesh as she waited for the torment to end. She was frozen and baked and denied food and water. She fought for air as the noose slowly killed her. Trial followed trial and torture followed torture. Then there were the golden times when he made love to her. She noticed that it usually happened just after a rougher that normal time and often it was all that kept her going, that and the prize she was working so hard to earn. Then it was over. Her month was up. She had lost track of the days. Overpowered by the onslaught of grief and agony that had ruled her life. She was awakened by breakfast in bed and a slow gentle loving. A hot bath while he washed her like a child and a seat in the warm sun. She had made it this far and she sensed he was going to tell her something important. "Sue, you have done better than I had dared to hope. You are as ready as any woman I have ever trained. You still must pass but it is well within your powers to do so. It will be hard and painful and there is a price in agony and suffering but you can do, just remember what you have already been through and what is to be earned and it all will be yours. Stay tough and hang in there. Now I must tell you things you may not wish to believe but I promise every word is true." "I am a wizard. Or a warlock, a witch, mage, magician, or what ever other name you wish to call one who works real magic. And there is such a thing as real magic, never doubt it for a second. There are things that you have never dreamed about, things that you thought were only tales or myths or just stories. I'm older than you would ever guess and I have friends that come from places that you could never imagine. One of them will be your tester. Golish is a resident of another place, a plane, a parallel world if you will. You might think of him as a demonic servant although he is neither a demon nor a servant. We have a long term relationship that is closer to a partnership than anything else. We work together and both of us profit from it. "He is large and scary to look at but to me he is a trusted friend. And you must trust me. To do otherwise is to fail and to fail is to die. You trusted me to hang you until you passed out now you must trust me in this. Tomorrow night you will meet him and he will spend the night doing unspeakable things to you. He may kill you before dawn but you will not die. Or rather you will but one of the powers he has is almost the power over death itself. You will die but you will return unharmed. From tomorrow night on you will remember nothing of what happens to you for the rest of the year. Each day must be faced anew and everything that happens to you must be faced without flinching or fear." "We will spent today, tonight, and tomorrow preparing for your ordeal. You will only eat two meals before tomorrow night, lunch today and breakfast tomorrow but you will not feel hungry. This afternoon I will try to explain as much as I can to you and then we must cleanse you body and sprit. We will anchor you to this time and place and bond your sprit to your body so you will be able to live again after you are killed. You will work harder than you have ever worked in your life. At the last possible minute I will allow you the chance to back out. If you do so I have the power to remove all memories of your time here from your mind and I will do so before you are returned to the life you left." As they ate a fine lunch Sue thought about what he had said. Were friendly monsters from an alternate dimension something she could believe in? And magic being real, was he lying to her or were there things that she didn't know about? Just how far could she trust him anyway? She had already trusted him to hang her by the neck until darkness had claimed her. As far as she knew he had never lied to her, he had done everything he had said he would do and she could see no reason not to trust him now. She had already decided that it was worth any price to gain a new life and nothing had changed her mind there. He watched her as she struggled with the new world he had let her glimpse. The next twenty four hours would tell if all the time he had invested in her would pay off or not. He was certain that if she did not panic over Golish she would do fine. As soon as lunch was over he would teach her about magic. Teach and show. Maybe even take her to meet Xanplax, yes he should do nicely. Scary enough to prove things like him are real and easy to do. "Sue listen closely this stuff is important. I'm going to teach you the basics of magic. First it is real and before we are done today I will prove it to you. There are four kinds of magic and thus four kinds of mage. The first is mind magic. Its something you're born with although other mages can learn to do the same things but we do it differently. Things like mind reading, seeing the future, finding things, fetching and moving things, and a few other stunts. "The second is elemental magic. That's using the powers of earth, air , water, and fire. Its done by either forcing or befriending the elementals of each area. Generally an elemental master will only command one set of elementals. I can command any of them and I use them for things like keeping this place clean and doing all the other servant type work around here. They also make pretty good spies. Then there is life magic. Everything that lives produces power and a life mage can harness it to his use. "At the least he has his own power and a master can tap and store the power of every living thing he comes in contact with. It is also the type most easily perverted. A lazy mage can collect sex magic, a corrupt one can use blood or death magic. Sex, pain, and death all release large amounts of power. It's the reason sex with a virgin is something special. Sex with a willing virgin releases a lot of power but even the rape of one provides more that almost any other single source. Some mages even learn to bleed power from living things beyond that which leaks out all the time. Think of them as physic vampires. Then there's mages like me, planer mages. We learn ways to draw power from other planes. It's a lot of work and requires allies to do it but the power is limitless, godlike even." "That's what all this it for. I command an unbelievable amount of power but power is like drugs, never enough. Golish desires the pain and death of others. He draws a special kind of power from it. Nothing you will ever need or miss but he has to have it to live. In return for my providing him with the chance to acquire it he provides me with all the power I can handle. You get a new life so everyone comes out of it with something. We all work and sweat to pay for it too. Nothing is free. We will visit Xanplax this afternoon as a way of showing you this is all real. He can time travel and take somebody with him but his price is either a life com complete with a soul or a fruit basket. Crazy but that the way it sometimes works." "Also I must warn you when we visit any plane you must do exactly as I tell you. Not all of the beings there are nice and most are not really trustworthy. They will live up to any bargain but they can find a loophole faster that a crook lawyer and will grab you in a heartbeat if they think they can get away with it. Any questions?" They spent the rest of the afternoon covering the knowledge of magic he felt she needed. Then it was time to visit Xanplax. The two of them went to the circle of stones she had found and had thought of as a mini Stonehenge. It was what he called a circle of power or a working place, a place where it was safe to invite beings from somewhere else to visit or from where to launch a visit to elsewhere. Stopping at the entrance they removed their clothes such as they were and entered. He placed her inside a smaller circle of white stones. "Whatever happens, whatever you see or hear do not leave this spot for any reason. Things may not what they seem where we are going. The only protection you have is to stay right here. Once you move outside of the wards guarding this small circle you will face a certain fate that is truly worse than death. Inside you are safe, outside you are doomed and I cannot help you." As Sue stood watching he went through the workings of power that would allow them to visit where ever Xanplax lived. At first nothing seemed to happen. Then she saw a shimmering cylinder of pale light grow around both herself and him. She reached out to touch it and found it to be soft and warm to her skin but totally unyielding as she pushed against it. Soon after a larger circle grew up around the whole group of stones. As it grew the sky darkened until the only light was the faint glow from the three circles. Suddenly she noticed there was no longer grass under her bare feet. She was floating suspended is the darkness. As she moved to look around herself she realized that there seemed to be no air with her. Yet she could breathe. Holy shit ! This magic stuff is real, he wasn't fooling. My god , I'm going to meet a demon she thought. A darkness even more dense and solid then the blackness of the nothingness around her drifted up to them. A sudden burst of light forced a small whimper from her and she felt a wetness run down her legs. The fact that she had just pissed herself seemed like a minor detail as the light faded and left her looking at something beyond the worst nightmare. The was huge, she would make a bite sized snack for it. No words could ever describe it yet she knew it was real and the most dangerous thing she had ever seen. It looked her over with the same attitude a cat looks at a trapped mouse before turning to face her master. "Greetings mage, what brings you to my realm, did you bring me a small tasty morsel?" "No my friend, not unless you are referring to the bag of fresh apples at my feet. I wished for my servant to meet you. She had doubts about magic being real but I think she has changed her mind on the subject now. Tomorrow night she meets Golish for her trial so I thought it would help prepare her to meet you first." Xanplax please meet my loyal servant Sue. She has done well during the early trials and I am very pleased with her. Sue meet the mighty Xanplax, a long time friend and working partner. "Hello Sue, I greet you as a valuable servant to a mighty mage. May your next trials be as rewarding as your last and may you win the prize you seek. The task you have undertaken is one worthy of a hero and I wish you the success you deserve." "Thank you for your time my friend. Enjoy the apples." All of a sudden they were back in the circle of stones and the walls of light were fading away. Sue staggered back and just kind of collapsed onto one of the larger ones. In just a few minutes her whole world view had been shattered. No longer did she doubt the things he had told her. All of a sudden it hit her, if Xanplax was something she met in order to prepare her for Golish what in the hell kind of monster was it? For a minute she was ready to demand to be freed from this madhouse. But as she settled down she realized that really nothing had changed except the fact that there was a lot more to the world than she had ever known. She still was willing to risk everything and to endure anything to win a new life. There may be fates worse than death but so was her life before this chance arose. The hell with it, she decided, I'm going for broke, win or die. He helped her back to the house and she noticed it was full dark outside even though the sun had not quite set when the circle was raised. Surely they had not spent that long wherever they had visited. He noticed her confusion. "Time does funny things on some of the planes. I never stay long when I visit because if I do its hard to find you're your way back to the here and now. Just the few minutes we spent with Xanplax translated into several hours here. That's why I'll bring Golish here and let him maintain the link with his plane. Its much safer that way. Lets get a drink and some sleep. Tomorrow's a long day and the night will be a bitch." *** The next morning they made love in the light of the dawn before a huge breakfast. As they ate he laid out the plan for the day. "We must purify you and then anchor your body and sprit to this place. Today will be as hard and as painful as anything you have done but it has to be done. I promise you that by the time you meet Golish you will have recovered com completely. "Magic can do many things including that. Also this is the last food either of us will get for the next year other than the odd cup of tea or water. More magic. I have to ask do you wish to quit? Its almost the last chance to back out and return to your old life, OK then lets be about it, we've got a lot to do. "The cleansing ritual started out simple enough, a bath in pure rain water, being scrubbed with white sand and drying in the sun. Then a blindfold and the binding of her hands. She was led some distance before being allowed to stand quietly. Suddenly she felt heat on her bare skin. The blindfold was removed. In front of her was a large fire that did not seem to have any fuel except for a handful of twigs that were not burning even though they were in the center of the flames. Around them was another dome of light. "Sue, listen to me now. This is the first pass or die test. You must walk freely into the fire and stand there. Be brave, to doubt is to die. Trust in me and in your own heart and will. You can do this. Now step into the fire." From somewhere she found the courage to move. A first small step then larger ones. Her body tried to flinch away from the heat but her feet had a mind of their own and carried her to her doom. Then she was standing inside the roaring flames. It did not hurt. The cords binding her hands burned away and she was free. Using her hands she bathed in the flames, scrubbing her skin with the flickering fire. She turned to look back at him but all she could see was fire. Her hair was lifting and moving from the air currents within the fire but did not burn. Then the flames died until she was left standing over a few small sticks in the sunshine. With wide eyes she looked at him. Unspoken questions in them. She had expected to die in the flames but instead she felt refreshed and for the first time in her life she was unafraid and com completely at peace. All the pent up anger and the years of hurt were gone. She remembered but without the pain that had accompanied the memories. "Feels good huh? From this moment on you start fresh. Remember this feeling for all time, know what a clean soul feels like, practice keeping it clean, feel whatever whenever and then let the hurt and pain and hate go. Sweep it away like the dirt it is. Remember your mother's love, the sun on your face, all the good things that have ever happened to you no matter how few and save them like the gold that they are. Build a wall around yourself with them to repel the evil. Now you are ready to face the rest of your trials. Come." They went to the large locked building she had found on that first day so long ago. Inside was a large collection of torture devices set on a black marble floor. Golden lines formed patterns that she guessed had something to do with magic. It was kind of beautiful and very scary at the same time. For every way of torturing or killing she had ever heard of there was the things needed to do it there. Everyone of them was set and waiting for her body. Suddenly she was cold. That it was the cold of her grave washing over her she knew without being told. This was death row, the concentration camp gas chamber, the Tyburn gallows, all of the places of death in the world were gathered here for her. He led her to the center of the pattern. A knife was laying on top of a small brassier. "You will take the dagger and cut your wrists. Deeply enough to cause the blood to spurt, the arteries must be slashed. Direct the spray into the fire and keep it there until you collapse. Do not fear anything, this is not a test and you will not be harmed as long as you do exactly as I tell you. Began now." At his command she bent over and lifted the knife. At the first touch of the steel to her skin the flames leapt from the brassier to wash away the chill. Expecting pain she nevertheless cut herself deeply. As the red jets washed over the flames she realized it didn't hurt. Still no matter how hard she tried the loss of blood soon told and the world went first gray and then black and she fell. As awareness replaced darkness she found herself standing as she was before. The blade in her hand was covered with blood but the skin on the inside of her wrists was unmarked. The flames were out and the ashes cool. "Your life forces are now bound to this place. It does not mean you are a prisoner here. What it means is that no matter what happens to you, no matter where you go as you fulfill your allotted tasks we will always be able to recover you and bring you back. I told you that you will be killed but not die. We have anchored your sprit to this place. When you are killed your sprit will come here to be reunited with your body. In truth you should be here already each time you are killed so what we really doing is preventing your soul from leaving. You are cleansed, you are anchored. "Now you must prepare yourself for what is to come. I want you to lay back and relax. Think of what is to come, think of being subjected to tortures, of meeting a monster and having him rape you, hurt you. Think of dying in horrible ways only to awake to fresh horrors. When you have thought about all those terrible things I want you to then think of how you felt after you came out of the cleaning fire. I want you to accept that intense agony and horrible deaths are nothing to be scared of. "Believe in your trust of me. Believe that in the end it is no more than what you have already been through. Know in your heart that you are a warrior, strong and brave, ready to face anything. Do this and you will win though. I will help you as I am able but in the end it's mostly up to you. To you and your brave heart. Do it." Sue tried to do as he ordered her. She had been through so much in the past month. Had foreseen and tasted death hanging from his gallows as the blackness washed over her. Had stood in fire, met a monster, learned magic was real, traveled to places few had ever heard of. Her whole life had been a test of her will to live, were the forthcoming trials really that different? Her life had been teetering on the edge since her mother's murder. Shadows of evil had always hovered over her. As the rest of the day passed Sue came to grips with her fate. Once more she decided to risk everything. After all about all she had was her life and that was surely not worth much. To trade a year of pain suffering and dying for a new life seemed a good deal. She had twenty some years of pain and suffering already and had expected to be killed most any day now anyway. One more year and a couple of hundred temporary deaths were just something to get through. She opened her eyes knowing it was time. Golish was waiting. One last time he asked her if she was sure she wanted to continue. It was late but not too late to quit. From this point on to fail was to die horribly for all time. She was sure, scared to go on but even more scared not to. He looked into her eyes for a long time. "I thing you are ready. Scared to death maybe but at peace with whatever happens. Good. It's time, go stand in the silver circle and make yourself ready. With an inner calm she watched as he went through the ritual to summon Golish. Once more there was darkness. Then a small pillar of light formed. It grew until it exploded like a skyrocket. When the flash was gone there was something standing in the darkness before her. She could feel the warm breath on her skin. Sense the nearness of power. Power but no evil. She reminded herself that whatever it was near her it was not the devil. It was a friend of her master come to use her as a tool in whatever works she had been hired to help with. A shape formed. "Well my friend once more you have found a good servant for me. She should do nicely. Are you ready to be tested? Are you ready to feel such agony and death as your mind cannot comprehend. Will you surrender yourself willingly to me for this test. You seek rich rewards. Such rewards require great risk and great bravery. Will you proceed of your own accord? Speak only the truth. Now answer." "You must be Golish, the being my master has asked to test me. Test and if found worthy to use in your joint works for one year. I am ready and willing to be tested. I do so of my own free will knowing that death and agony await. I will survive and triumph in the end. Use me as you see fit. I trust my master and he bids me to trust you and I will do so. I am ready." "You answer well servant. Know that in all the years your master and I have worked together he has always presented me with good servants. Ones that have fulfilled they roles well. I expect no less from you. We began" She was unable to really comprehend exactly what Golish looked like. He was a shape that was shimmering in her vision. Some parts would become clear then change. It was huge and powerful, strong beyond her understanding of the word. Able to rip and sunder her like a paper doll, that she knew. She also knew she was a necessary part of their plans. They would hurt her horribly, kill her and do it over and over again but they would not risk her being unnecessarily. As she steeled herself for the trial it began. A dragon's breath of flame shot toward her. She felt her hair light on fire, her skin shrivel, and her eyes burn. For a fair slice of forever the jet played over her body. Then it stopped. She could still see and she was unharmed except for the memory of the flames caress. From that point the test started in earnest. She was thrown to the floor. A male organ the size of her arm and covered with scales blasted it's way into her with each withdrawal the scales spread open to rip and tear her insides. Her blood ran freely as the unearthly rape continued. She endured. Golish's climax filled her with acid that was liquid fire. Set free to eat and corrode her most private places. Clawed fingers ripped and tore her breasts. Fangs slashed her skin. Once more the rape, this time her rear entrance paid the price. Real flame squirted inside her with his release. She was pulled by hands with the power of a rack. Pulled until her joints failed. The talons slowly peeled the skin from her body. Her bones broke. Her muscles torn. She endured. The pain reached levels beyond understanding. Hours and hours she suffered the torments of the damned. Agony piled upon suffering layered upon anguish. The were no words that could describe what she underwent. Then it ended. Ended with her broken and bleeding. Laid on the table of the guillotine. Face up with the release cord in her hand. "Servant you have suffered much. Do you wish to end your torment. Or do you wish to continue it for another year. To live in pain in order to win your prize or to pull the cord and die to end your suffering. That is your choice. Think well and choose wisely." Somehow through all the pain Sue realized this was also a test. If she pulled the cord the blade would drop and cut her head off. The pain would end but she would die and so would her dreams of a better life. "This servant will not fail. I choose to live, to accept as the price of life unending agonies. I will win." Her hand opened and the cord fell away. A flash of light blinded her and as her vision cleared she was uninjured and pain free. She stood next to the killing machine and looked at her master and his friend. "Servant you have chosen well. You are worthy and I look forward to enjoying the taste of your suffering. You have passed the test and can look forward to your reward when we are done. Each time we meet will bring you closer to that which you wish. Go now and we will meet soon. Mage you have once again presented me with a fine feast and I thank you." She was thankful for his hand on her arm as they made their way to a couch set off to one side. "You did well Sue. Do you want to continue? Good. From now on I will be the one to torture you. Each night you will come here to be tortured and killed. Each morning you will be resurrected only to die that night. I was so proud of you when you threw away the trip cord. Did you know that if you had pulled it Golish probably wouldn't have restored you. I've lost three servants over the years to that test and he's only saved one of them. The other two died. Lets go outside and enjoy the sun for a while. It'll be the last time until you're done." They spent the day just recovering. He made love to her in the soft grass and let the sun warm their sprits. Then it was time. Once more Golish joined them but he just stayed off to the side while her master proceeded with the night's work. Each and every night she suffered. Raped and violated both by his body and by devises meant to rip and tear. She knew what is was to have a pear inserted into her and to feel it expand to destroy her womanhood and her rectum. Knew the horror of having her eyes plucked from hr head. She was forced to watch as her breast were squeezed, stretched, ripped, and torn from her body. Had her skin slowly peeled from her body and was then washed with alcohol and rolled in salt. The agony of having her guts slowly pulled from her belly was hers. She was broken on the wheel. She suffered all this and much more. And each night she died. Died by hanging, struggling for just one more breath as the course rope strangled the life from her body. Died with a wooden stake pushing through her body ever so slowly. Died as flames ate her flesh. Perished as the blade of the guillotine or an axe severed her neck. Had her breath squeezed from her body by weights pressing on her chest. Drowned in vile waters and noxious chemicals. Shook in agony as poisons coursed through her veins. Died as strong cables ripped her arms and legs from her torso. Felt bullets and arrows pierce her flesh. Died screaming in ways that she had never heard of. Died and was restored to life by the powers of Golish. And each night Golish feasted on her pain and the agonies of her death. He feasted and in return passed huge amounts of power to Nick. Her rebirths were also filled with torture as her body was forced to heal and to accept the fled life force back into it. Every morning she was allowed to stagger to the couch and collapse on it. Every night she awoke to endure still more. Every night began afresh for her. As he had promised she remembered nothing of the previous night except for the dreams while she recovered each day. Her torments had all joined into one vast searing pain that had lasted forever and would continue until the end of time. She endured. At one point she realized if there was a hell she could walk up to the devil and dare him to do his worst. He would be an amateur compared to her master. She had found hell and was surviving it. Then one evening Golish was not summoned. Instead she was led to the house, given a warm bath, a light meal and was tucked into bed next to her master's warm body. Her year of torment was over. In the morning she awoke late and alone. There was food next to the bed and a hot bath waiting. After a long soak she walked by a mirror and was stopped in her tracks. Reflected in the glass was a stranger. Instead of a mid twenties burnout she was looking at a fresh faced cheerleader. No wrinkles, flat belly, high firm bouncy tits. About the only thing that still showed her age was the look in her eyes. The eyes that had seen way too much to match her seventeen year old body. She went looking for Nick and found him in the building where she had spent the last year. She watched as he finished cleaning up and as she waited she looked at the devices she knew had her blood on them. It was dreamlike but she knew it had been all too real. Nick watched her wander around as he finished. He understood her need to see it all one more time even if she would have the memories removed. After all it was her blood staining the blade of the . headsman's block and her flesh that had burned on the iron grill. Finally they spoke. "It was all real, wasn't it Nick? You really tortured and killed me every night for a year. Golish is real. Everything happened here. I was dead but I'm alive. Not just once but night after night. My God to think it all happened. Shit." "Yah Sue it all was real. Everything. Everything you remember and a lot more. Damn you were good. We raised unbelievable amounts of power. Enough so old Golish still owes me. I just couldn't handle it all at once. Lets get out of here. We need to talk." They walked in the sun as he explained things to her. How every time Golish resurrected her he restored her to just a little younger than before and how all the little improvements had added up to her now youthful body. Her guess of seventeen was pretty close he figured. How he was allowing her remember a lot of what happened to her so she could both come to grips with it and so she would know bone deep how she had earned her rewards. And how when she returned to the world she would only remember enough to know how her own efforts and guts had bought her new life. That most of it would become half remembered dreams, a story she had heard once. The fact that all the magic she had been exposed to would have after effects. She would age very slowly and hold on to her looks if she took care of herself. Her life would be longer, perhaps as much as another hundred years. The vile luck that had always been hers would now change. He called it karma. Said it was something that magic could balance. He expected that she would have very few bad things happen to her in the future. And her reward, well he guessed he would have to revise it also. Instead of fifty thousand dollars it would be much more. Her performance had earned her a bonus. A question. Did she wish to work or just live a life of leisure? Think carefully, it will make a difference. She wanted to work but at something she liked. Just take away the grinding worry about failure. A cushion was all she wanted. The knowledge that she could try and fail without it being the end. A reserve that would let her try again. Fair enough. "OK then Sue. How's this sound? Just off the top of my head. A couple of hundred thousand in the bank with a good advisor watching over it. The tutor I promised and the GED. The car, the apartment, the clothes, the rent all that stuff. Plus a full ride at a good collage. Everything covered. I'll open doors but you'll have to make it on your own, earn the marks yourself. If you need extra help fine but it'll be up to you to pass. Oh yah, one other thing, no more lap dances except for that special guy. Watch for him. No I'm not going to set you up. I've just got a feeling. You can stay and just relax for a few days. I'll see you off and on before you go but I've got a lot to get caught up on so just go have a good time." The next few days were wonderful. Laying in the sun or the spa thinking about her new life. Finding her new body still knew all the old moves in bed or on the dance floor. Knowing that the moves were no longer needed to survive but could be reserved for her pleasure only. Hers and perhaps a special someone's. He found his way to her bed most nights. He was now a lover instead of a master. Still all good things must end and the day came when she had to leave. She left with his promise to watch over her but knowing that she would never see him again. Knowing that most of what she remembered would be taken from her. Eager to find her new future and sad to leave at the same time. But she did leave. They had made plans for her, nothing permanent but somewhere to start. She awoke in her new bed. Her head filled with memories of dreams and of real happenings. As she explored her new home she found the phone worked, there was cable hooked to the TV, food in the fridge, the computer was on line. Messages waited for her attention. One from a large law firm. Would she contact them at her convenience to talk about taking care of a few things. One from a bank showing a healthy balance in her account. A retired professor wished to know when she wanted to start studying with him. Another from a car dealer telling her to stop by and pick out her car. And one from Nick. Sue, I hope you find everything to your satisfaction. When you decide just where you want to study contact the law firm and tell them to get things set up. They handle everything for me and can pass messages to me if the need arises. I'll be watching. I expect good things from you. Keep your eyes on the prize just as you have been doing and you will do fine. Good luck and all my love, Nick. And she did do fine. She earned her GED and went on to study social work, wanting to help rescue others like herself. She earned a reputation as one who cared deeply and was willing to go the extra distance. After a while she met a fine man who asked her to marry him. Children and grandchildren followed. A long and happy life was hers. She never forgot how she had earned it and always remembered the man who had saved her. She had endured and she had won.

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